The Delhiites, it seemed, were re-living the horrors of 1984 riots. The agitators got the chance to released their pent-up anger of 60 days dharna. Swords, tear gas shells ,stone-pelting , lathi charge, violence galore in the name of tractor rallies on the Republic Day. Even assuming , the legitimate farmers had shunned violence; who could control the Pak-sponsored Khalistan goons, who stealthily intruded into the confusion to mingle with the agitators . Situation was grim ,uncontrollable. Police exercised maximum restraint. But, for, how long.? But, it seemed clueless, directionless. All this vandalism, could have been avoided , had the PM taken the initiative for a dialogue with agitators at the beginning itself. Why has the ruling political dispensation been so adamant ? Royal obstinacy never pays. The alleged role of corporate funding of political parties for financing the forthcoming assemblies' elections, must be probed. The collusion of agitators with the dirty tricks department of the Congress and the so-called urban naxals ,cannot be ruled out. Where did Yogendra Yadav disappear when violence was raging? He had promised a peaceful rally. All must be taken into custody. Fifteen FIRs have been registered. More will follow. Eighty six policemen of Delhi Police were injured. Farmers' promise of peaceful rally was not kept due to the entry of uprooted lumpen elements. Running commentaries by ill-informed, biased ,screaming TV anchors' added fuel to fire. End of 60 days old dharna by agitators is not in sight in the foreseeable future. The farmers have lost public sympathy. Sadly, the national capital was under siege for hours on the Republic Day. India was shamed. Delhi Police remained restrained, possibly under instructions from the top allowing the situation to escalate. The hoodlums must have been handled with a heavy hand. Giving the anti-national elements a free hand to enter and vandalize the Red fort, was wrong. Replacing the national flag by religious flag on the pole, was an act of sedition. MHA's instructions to Delhi police for taking a strict action against the goondas, is too late in the day. It was a case of administrative failure due to lack of political will. A K Saxena (A former civil servant)



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