The country voted in 2014 to replace the erstwhile corrupt Sonia-led UPA  by the Modi-led NDA. The voting pattern was repeated in 2019 elections in the hope of getting Good governance.

Hopes were dashed after initial euphoria. A new narrative was created to deflect people’s attention from the promised dreams. An impression started gaining the ground that the ruling dispensation  is trying to outsmart its predecessor in the game of competitive corruption.

The public feels that decisions are being taken by  present government to help top business houses. Specific cases are in  public domain. Deals, it is alleged, carry quid pro quo tags. Crony capitalism . Illegal funds are collected illegally by all political parties either for staying in power or for coming to power. The allegations are very serious and must be taken note of by PM Modi for corrective steps.

The scandles of the so-called "Lutynes media" during UPA are not forgotten. The infamous tapes of Niira Radia- Barkha Dutt- Tata , keep haunting us . Open secret. Doubling as corporate lobbysts for top business houses, the media persons could pose serious threat to national security besides blackmailing the VVIPs within .

If , lessons are not learnt from history, it would repeat itself . Consider specifics.

WhatsApp chats leaks?

The alleged leaks of  WhatsApp chats between the  Republic TV Editor-in-chief and some VVIPs are disturbing. If  allegations are proved, this may cause considerable embarassment to the bigwigs including some cabinet ministers. The CEO is fighting back. He must. It is his right.

 One wonder how some TV editors, anchors manage to get tapes of classified information /documents  for their TV channels. Game of one-up-manship for TRP for more revenue through advertisements. Who is helping them in procuring propaganda material?

 It is noteworthy that, has avoided unethical practices. I do not recall any  unsavoury controversy having erupted  during the past twenty years, since inception.

Chinese incursion?

May I take the opportunity of raising the issue of China creating a  village in the Union Territory of Arunachal Pradesh  by constructing 101 pucca houses? Was this case of intelligence failure, suppression of facts or both?H igh resolution pictures are available in public domain. Honeytrap is common. The matter is very serious warranting consideration by the Cabinet Committee on Security. The culprits must be booked under the Official Secrets Act 1923 for espionage, sedition.

Consider UPA era. Why, no action was taken against Rahul Gandhi, when he tore off a copy of the draft cabinet note, A classified document. It was more than a mistake, A blunder by the UPA. Rahul’s arrogant and impulsive act attracted  the OSA 1923.

The moot point is : Who supplied such high resolution pictures of the ‘Chinese’ village to the prominent TV channel ? Could be the Congis and Commies in cahoots with China and ISI, their paymasters. The culprits must be tried under OSA 1923.

 A K Saxena (A former civil servant)



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