Hathras gang rape case has jolted the conscience of every indian. Such heinous crimes could not have been possible without the tacit support of political class. After PM’s belated intervention , CM,UP woke up to enhance the quantum of compensation from Rs 25 to 50 lakhs.

What is this awful thing going on in Uttar Pradesh,one wonders? The autocratic CM has a lot to explain. Incompetent administration and callous UP police fail to inspire confidence in lower castes. They are,more often than not, insensitive, incapable of taking decisions by defying political authority . Pliability to political masters,is considered a safe bet. Prized postings, no fear of transfers , suspension.

Haughty utterances by Hathras DM and the Police to victim’s family are shocking,unpardonable Who ordered forced cremation of the victim during graveyard hours and in absence of victim’s family members. UP,CM feels his job is over once delinquent officers are transferred / suspended.His experts do not advise him that transfers and suspensions of officers cannot be treated as punitive steps.

Unable to defend the indefensible, Chief minister,UP has now decided to refer the case to the CBI.But, the family of the deceased, is not satisfied. It demands a Judge-monitored, fast- track inquiry by the CBI. Is CBI losing credibility?A deep conspiracy is alleged by the ruling party.

The public is outraged. The Opposition led by the Congis take pride in activating  its dirty tricks department  for adding to the chaos and confusion in UP and for gaining political brownie points.

Unequal society, Political interference, callous Administration &Police ?

We are living in an unequal society, hierarchical , castes-ridden and in artificial silos . Upper castes are treated as the privileged class. Gang rapes,murders,domestic violence,acid attacks,dowry deaths are the new normal? Macabre pre-occupation of goons and misguided elements in Police force. Egalitarian society is a myth.

Situation  in all  Indian States , is equally reprehensible.

Is  there something seriously wrong with UPSC’s recruitment process and DOPT’s training module? Or, is the entire system flawed? Accountability and transparency are missing.

What steps have been taken to depoliticise  the top appointments in the States and reduce political interference in day-to-day policing  so as to improve the law and order situation in the states.

Will PM Modi please take the call?

A K Saxena ( A former civil servant)



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Norene Gibbons
Norene GibbonsUnited States
8/19/2023 6:16:05 AM#

This article is a gem. I've bookmarked it for future reference. Thanks for the valuable insights!


Dorsey Zehnder
Dorsey ZehnderUnited States
8/21/2023 5:23:03 PM#

This article is an absolute treasure. I've saved it for a future reference. Thank you for your valuable information!


Latoria Hequembourg
Latoria HequembourgUnited States
8/23/2023 6:50:25 AM#

Your ability to explain intricate details is truly impressive.


Maritza Bailiff
Maritza BailiffUnited States
8/23/2023 12:15:44 PM#

Well done! This article provides a fresh perspective on the topic. Thanks for sharing your expertise.


Kathe Vanantwerp
Kathe VanantwerpUnited States
9/1/2023 4:31:27 AM#

The style of your writing is enthralling and the information well-written and clearly presented. Thank you for sharing this valuable piece!


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