The secret world of  drugs mafia,murders, rapes,  casting couch, alleged murders of two actors, are all that constitute the tinsel world . The secrets of  glamorous  Bollywood’s  underbelly  have jolted the conscience of every right thinking Indian.No attempt was ever made to weed out the scum. Investigations by ED,NCB and CBI have revealed an  organised racket with links in Dubai, deep state of Pakistan and Narco-terrorism! Count down has begun.

Of late , the # Me Too movement  lying dormant for sometime has resurfaced.The latest allegation  comes from an actress slamming  sexual innuendos against an infamous Director-Producer of Bollywood. Lack of  deterrent action in the past emboldens  perpetrators to carry on their business with impunity and perpetuate the evil practice. The Bollywood’s cultural standards and values  have reached their nadir. The film city can't take it any more.

Ironically, a large number of  Bollywood celebrities  continue to appear  as brand ambassadors  in  TV ads and participants in a famous  laughter show.These  exercise deleterious  influence on   gullible public  especially the impressionable  youth. There is an emergent need to  scrub, disinfect and purge the film city.

In this context, UP govt’s announcement to set up a film city at ,Noida, is timely.It will have production studios, outdoor locations, post production facilities, special effects studios, hotels, workshops, an amusement park besides an international airport in the neighbouring Greater Noida.The central govt will, no doubt, face opposition from the Opposition and criminal lobbies. But, a strong political Will should overcome it. The  outrageous public and the digital Media ,on their part, must boycott  all accused super stars, their movies and brand endorsements.



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