Latest media reports on India’ bilateral relations with Iran are disturbing.Indian shias are not happy at these unsavoury developments.Reasons are not far to seek.Deals on development of Chabahar port and construction of Rail project signed in 2016, stand cancelled by Iran citing stoppage of fund flow to Iran by India,obviously under US pressure.

The serious setback has caused massive diplomatic embarassment & geo-political loss to India.

China, as always, was One-UP India . Taking advantage of growing mistrust between India and Iran , China was quick to play the Master stroke by promising huge investment in Iran for 25 years,promising  billions of US dollars to Iran.

Pathetic for MEA and PMO. India's  partial investment in Chabahar has gone waste. Now ,we have to search for new routes to Europe, Afghanistan and central Asia, Russia etc.

Could this not be attributed to failure of India''s foreign policy ? Lack of foresightedness on part of our laid-back mandarins in MEA , over-confident Foreign Minister, the NSA and ill-advised PM? Who monitored the Chabahar deals executed with Iran in 2016 in MEA and PMO. PM Modi would have much to explain to the Parliament.

Was this due to secret pressure from the US as widely reported in the Media?If,so, why was pressure not resisted to protect India's sovereignty?


A K Saxena ( A former civil servant)



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9/30/2021 3:34:10 AM#

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