The world is slowly but surely edging forward towards World War -3. Procrastination by having frequent dialogues with China is enabling China-Pakistan to mobilise their resources.

Frequency of terror attacks by Pak is increasing by the hour. Arrest of Chinese spies in Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim for creating mayham,is disturbing.

Their intrusion through Nepal is the wake-up call. India must strengthen its guard at the " chicken neck ", which China is aiming to take over.

This could cut off the entire North-India from the hinterland. If, necessary, a small surgical strike at Nepal would be necessary to seize a part of Nepal to obfuscate China from further misadventure.

No candyfloss approach for Nepal under its present Oli dispensation. Time is of the essence. Are we awaiting arrival of S-400 air shield from Russia, Rafael fighter jets from France, Spice jets from Israel and F-22 & F-35 fighter jets from the US?

These would be useful in the long term perspective. Though India can take on China and Pakistan together, but the NATO forces led by the US will have to concurrently engage with China and north Korea.

This will force China to fight the war at multiple fronts. India will have the opportunity to take back POK, Gilgit -Baltistan and Aksai chin. India must also assist in the liberation // separatist’ movements in Baluchistan , Sindhu Desh and Pakhtoonistan.

Afghanistan must grab the opportunity of taking over Pakhtoonistan.



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