PM, at long last, has decided to quit Social Media accounts from the Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

A Non-news unduly hyped by the Media.

But, the initiative was long overdue in national interest.

Enough time was wasted with no concrete benefits to the country.

Sagging popularity rating of PM Modi was proved in the recent assemblies polls

Let the matter not rest here. Much more is expected from PM Modi.

People sincerely wish,he stops visiting temples and inaugural ceremonies wasting crores of rupees out of tax-payers money.

The practice of laying Foundation stones ceremonies must be scrapped.Sheer waste of time, scarce resources and manpower.

PM Modi has achieved great heights. He does not require more publicity. No TV crews .

People are getting bored.Excessive visibility and familiarity breeds contempt.And,this has started happening.

Let him lead the country by examples,not rhetorics.

He must keep his chatukaars at an arm's length.

The Congress must also learn to keep shut up and put up.

We do not pay taxes for providing security covers and unwarranted privileges to the dynastic dumbwits .

PM Modi must spend more time in the national capital and focus on providing Good governance and ensure effective service delivery mechanism.

Total implementation paralysis.Total lack of supervision.

Enough is enough.Public is getting restless, alienated and disillusioned.They have grown wiser with experience.

Time for political rhetorics is over.

Country wants PM Modi to take steps for countering joint threats from China-Pakistan. He,alone has the grit and risk-taking capacity to take over POK. No one else.

It will be foolhardy to expect Pakistan


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