Shaheen Bagh is not leaderless.It is not a movement,but a conspiracy.The old grannies did not receive an " ilhaam " to squat and block public space 24x7.

Riots in N-E Delhi did not happen suddenly on the spur of the moment and under an impulse. Instead, these were part of a grand strategy jointly crafted by the congis, the commies, the aaptards and others. All played into the hands of anti-nationals.

Now,the congress supremo is preaching ‘ Raj Dharma’ from the high pedestal. Shameful.

Conspiracy was hatched in advance with Pakistan's complicity. Massive preparations must have gone into the making of acid bombs, petrol bombs,mobilising stones on terraces. It must have taken weeks , even months

Was there intelligence failure,one wonders?

Delhi Police was ordered to behave like clueless nincompoops. Inert,inactive and speechless.

BJP goons went berserk. FIRs were not registered against the loose cannons.Their jingoistic utterances added fuel to fire.Headless chickens. Top leaders were busy with Donald Trump.

“Kaum ke ranj mei, dinner khaatey hain hukkaam ke saath, Ranj leader koh bahut hai magar aaraam ke saath” (Akbar Allahabadi)

A Delhi HC judge who " dared " to question Delhi police for failing to file FIRs, was transferred at late hours. Ill-advised,motivated.

Orders, as per media reports , were issued by Deptt of Justice (MHA) on Feb 12, 2020 after the approval of Supreme court collegium. If implementation of order could be delayed by over one week, it could as well be delayed by few hours till completion of hearing, the next day.This raises suspicion in public mind.

All things considered, the nightmare was a joint venture of all political parties.How brazen?

Hamaam mei sab...?


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