Some ex-babus have an insatiable appetite for power.They know exactly which string to pull and remain in power. Such blue bloods in bureaucratic parlance are known as Field Marshals. So apt.

Nripendra Mishra is one such specimen. He manipulated his upward mobility post retirement. Courtesy : proximity to the power that be.

Please recall how PM Modi  against severe opposition , had to seek Parliamentary sanction to amend the then prevailing laws in order to rehabilitate Mr Mishra  as his Principal Secretary in the PMO. He was later accorded the status of a Cabinet minister.

Then,one day,he was suddenly asked to pack off. God knows, under what circumstances? Media did not care to investigate. Nripendra Mishra then managed his comeback. He  was  rehabilitated as CEO of Nehru museum council a few days back, replacing M J Akbar.

Another shock.In his latest move, PM Modi’s trusted former IAS officer, will now head the "Ram temple construction panel”. The silent majority of  more competent  retired  bureaucrats and professional engineers of proven integrity was totally ignored. All feel  utterly 

slighted and amazed at such blatant  misuse of discretionary powers. PMO’s control on Ram temple in a secular country. Modi hai toh Mumkin hai.

Lesson : Pliability to political class and  secret backing  of  an extra-Constitution body ( One can imagine,who ) are quintessential  requirements for out-of-turn placements of  bureaucrats both while  in- service and post retirement. Merit has tertiary or no  importance.

PM Modi has definitely undergone a transformation.He is under the influence of  coterie of bureaucrats , out-of-sync with ground reality.He is Prime minister of India, not BJP and RSS.


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