Supreme court's in its Feb 7 Landmark judgement slammed the State government against misuse of Reservation policy.Its operative portion is re-produced below :

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" The State government ( Uttara Khand) is not bound to provide reservation for appointments and promotions to public posts and that an individual does not have a fundamental right to claim such quotas "

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In the light of the above SC 's verdict , the Centre must scrap Reservation policy in its present form across the board.This is an politico-electoral fraud to promote vote bank politics. Indian citizens dream for a casteless,classless society.The existing discriminatory policy violates 

Right to Equality, enshrined in the Constititution of India.

Reservation policy is not provided by the Constitution. Its duration is being continued after every ten years. Successive political Executives ,for fear of losing Vote banks, have been extending the tenure of such despicable practice decennially. Obnoxious practice that promotes 

mediocrity. Merit becomes the casualty.

Following course is suggested :-

(a) Restrict benefits to only one generation of all communities ;

(b) Let us extend the benefits to one generation alone of all communities ie  SC,ST ,OBC, and those with bench-marked Disablity;

(c) Failing (a) and (b) , orders must be taken to disenfranchise all those who continue to receive reservation benefits in violation of above rules and by suppressing the facts

If India wants to become a superpower, annihilate castes distinctions and stopping  doles of reservation benefits.

PM Modi must support meritorious bureaucracy or meritocracy in the national interests.

Let us recall Singapore's late founder Lee Kuan Yew ( 1923 – 2015) sharp tirade against India's Reservation policy responsible for slowing down its economy. He advised against the regular misuse of the policy by India. He was the first Prime Minister who transformed Singapore 

from a small port city into a wealthy global hub.

The Law makers and the ruling political Executive are urged to be circumspect before  embarking  upon filing an SLP in the Apex court or even taking recourse to Legislative route to supersede SC’s vedict.

Enough is enough. The on-going protestations may snowball into a revolution to teach the politicians a lesson.This is the ground reality.


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