In Personality Cult, maintaining legitimacy of a political party is the function of its Leader. PM Modi is expected to fight enemies within and outside.Let him keep distance from party’s sychophants . Let him follow the advice of his detractors and above all, “the dictates of his conscience”.

Ironically,the personality cult worship created during the Nehruvian era ,continues unabated. PM Modi's obsession with opportunistic bureaucracy,islegendary. Pro- UPA bureaucrats still continue to flourish.

Come to the brasstacks. Plethora of bodies were created to perpetuate Nehru- Indira - Rajiv Gandhi dynasty.

Foundations,memorials,stadia,hospitals,universities,Airports named after Nehru-Gandhi-Rajiv Gandhi, are on govt records. Total Nos 445.

I had complained to PM Modi about this in 2015. Questions were asked in Parliament.No action was taken. On the contrary and much to my chagrin,instead of replacing names of Nehruvian dynasty, I noticed old cities were named after RSS-BJP icons.

Have a look at the other side of the coin. Aided by advisers, the Italian lady continues to preside over a virtual empire of trusts and committees. Brazenly,she heads a parallel government to discredit the existing ruling dispensation. This is simply not acceptable.

NGOs,Memorials,Centres and other innocuously worded Foundations are created to receive grant from foreign agencies.Some are headed by urban Naxals,who supply funds to the naxalites for carrying out heinous killings of tribal innocents and security forces.

JNU is very much in the news .How could Nehru give permission to JNU to receive foreign grants from the Commies.Several skeletons emerged.Now, the Kejriwal's NGO that allegedly received secret funds from the Ford Foundation, a conduit of CIA.

These must be scrapped.Enough intelligence materials exist supporting their malpractices. No background verification, is necessary. Their source of funding, fudging of accounts are known.Retired officers are being appointed as Consultants, scholars getting fat salaries,free 

foreign trips for "research" on themes to discredit India.

The Nehru foundation, Indira Gandh National Centre of Arts and Rajiv Gandhi Foundation were were usually reserved for official banquets in honour of visiting heads of state and other dignitaries during UPA era. Strangely, GOI Officers were permitted to join such fake private 

limited companies on deputation .One may recall cases of massive funds being forked out by MHRD to foot the air passage for scores of pseudo-intellectuals with 5-star comforts. All from public exchequer.

My unsolicited advice to PM Modi.

(a) Never ignore history. Learn lessons from it

(b) Be a Change Agent.You have the capacity to take decisions independently

(c)Treading the beaten path does not serve any purpose.

(d) Keep away from your sychophants in BJP/ RSS and even your colleagues in the council of ministers.

(e) Always take the advice of your detractors seriously.

(f) Remain guided by the" Dictates of your Conscience "

(g) Replace confrontations by wider consultations

(h) Never take credit for others' achievements

PM Modi is to lead the country through harder times ahead. He is first and the foremost the Prime minister of India, before being a politician of his party.

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