The media report makes  disturbing reading. Fantastic going rates of bribes : Rs 70 lakhs for posting/transfer of top officers in Meerut,50 lakhs in Agra and so on. Doctrine of of  quid pro quo works. Nothing  pro bono .

Could this be possible without the knowledge of  political executive and the collusive bureaucracy. The incompetent chief minister  keep repeating  his policy of zero tolerance in corruption. Hollow rhetorics,as always.UP CM instead of addressing governance issues is usually 

spotted with his camera crew, visiting temples,laying foundation stones etc. A publicity hunk with eyes set on earning political brownie points.Totally inexperienced , out od sync with ground realities. A glib talker  does not make a CEO.  

Corruption  in Uttar Pradesh mirrors the negative state of affairs in all States and union territories of India. Unholy nexus of politicians with the corporate sectors, builders mafia,the Police and pliable bureaucrats ,jointly contribute to the mess. Maintaining Status quo suits all of them.


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9/13/2021 5:44:13 AM#

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