Writing TV news script is a lot harder than one might think.Indian TV news script writers never write for ears. Hence, more often than not, these are out of sync with visuals based on ground realities.

All TV channels have the inherent propensity to show every news as Breaking News.All under TRP compulsions.In the competition for One-up-manship,news are hyped so much that the script writers, invariably end up making a mockery of themselves and worse, mislead the viewers.  

Sample the following " Breaking News " that appeared simultaneously on all TV channels, on Dec 30.

First Breaking news :- Priyanka Gandhi is reaching Delhi by road as the flight was cancelled due to fog.Worse, the news was repeated several times in succession.

Second Breaking news : Fire breaks out in PM House ( PMH) ;

Third Breaking News : PM Modi promptly consoled all his fans by tweeting " that there was no fire in PMH ( 7 Lok samiti marg) and there was a short circuit in SPG House (9 Lok samiti marg) "


(a) Whether there are criteria  for categorizing the News.Priyanka Gandhi’s travel mode is a non-news ; (b)How did the PM butt in ?Is he a specialist?; (c) Where did engineers disappear despite ? Who leaked the news to the Media?; ( d)Was attempt was made through the Tweets 

to attract global attention; ( e) Are there any  standard guidelines to regulate media hypes?

Will the News Broadcasting agency or m/I&B issue appropriate advisories to TV channels to exercise utmost restraint in analyzing the news-worthiness before classifying them as normal or breaking news?


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