Eruption of violence at Jamia Millia Islamia against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Census ( NRC ) could not have been sudden. It was pre-planned with molotov cocktails. Police assaulted Jamia students in library ,wash rooms, administrative blocks. Utterly sinful, shameful.

Some suspect such incidents of violence as the handiwork of AAPtards, in collusion with Congi goons abetted by Pak-sponsored intruders. Some claim,it was stage-managed by BJP.

Whatever may be the truth, demand for instituting a court-monitored inquiry by CBI is growing.  Supreme court has advised the petitioners to approach the respective High courts,instead of Supreme court.

Unrest in JNU and Delhi university are caused by reasons different from JMI,Delhi. While the JNUiites are agitating against fee hikes, DU is in protest mode against regularization of ad-hoc teachers. Exams in DU are over. The job of invigilation was carried out by the administrative staff as the ad-hoc teachers were on dharna.

A monumental Intelligence failure of Delhi police which could trigger a civil war. Invisible divisive forces seem to be at work. Strangely, BJP leadership is busy politicking for impending elections. Totally unfazed , unperturbed.All politicians have same DNA.Their inaction is criminal.

The callous, brainless police failed to arrest escalation of violence to other institutes across the country- JMI, JNU, DU, AMU, Hyderabad, LKO, Bareilly,Kanpur and elsewhere.

Innocent JMI students were reportedly trapped in the cross-fire without fault. Delhi police failed to distinguish between genuine students and local riff-raffs.

Why should heads not roll in Delhi Police

What was the SPG-protected Priyanka Vadra doing in JMI? What were Aaptard Amanullah Khan,Salman Khurshed, D Raja and others doing ? Inciting the students.Their motive was to stoke the fire of hatred between the hindus and the muslims by inciting the student community.

Blame game is a ready excuse. Dirty hands of ISI and a Pakistan- sponsored mini-proxy attack of sort,cannot be ruled out. SIMI radicals and PFI activists are surely behind violence, destruction of public property.

Infiltration from Pak, over-active rumour mill, unprofessional police force, conflicting political interests, mishandling of situation by the ruling dispensation or a cocktail of all.

All things considered,it is our vulnerability combined with the opportunistic political class contributing to growing anarchy in the country covering Delhi, AMU, LKO, Hyderabad, Kanpur,Bihar,Bengaluru,North-east etc. And, the violence is still spreading with vengeance to other areas.


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