Rallies after rallies by the ruling dispensation in quick succession. Purpose? Trumpeting achievements to seek voters’ support for impending assemblies’ elections.

On Dec 22,2019, Delhi organised mega rally at Ramlila ground at 1.30 PM.

Dance shows organized to entertain the audience till PM's address. Absolutely, moronic, in the midst of NRC- CAA related violence in the country. With roads closed, the national capital was under siege,once again.

The news-report about looming security threat to PM,though disturbing, seems fabricated news. Public is not impressed. Instead, shocked.

Massive security and logistic arrangement by deploying govt machinaries. All at taxpayers' cost ; not party's funds. No cost-benefit analysis ever carried out by any independent agency? Is the Election Commission neutral?

Office of C&AG seems clueless about misusing public funds for earning political brownie points.Its lips are sealed.

Information gag. Political parties are outside the purview of RTI Act.

Central ministers are marginilised. All are kept happy through hefty remunerations plus undeserved privileges . Motive? To ensure they sign on dotted lines and keep their mouths shut.

Bureaucracy is becoming increasingly pliant,malleable, compliant for keeping their mouths sealed. It is more interested in getting prized postings rather than having concern for  public service.

India specialises in cult worship; reminiscent of  continuing Nehru-Gandhi dynasty .Crisis of credibility afflicts the captive news media

The public had expected PM Modi to take back POK. On the contrary,the ruling coalition is busy organising political rallies for garnering peoples' support by carrying out " phoney " referendum on CAA and NRC.  "Missed calls" on Mobile No: 7836800500.

Strangely, Mamata Banerjee demanding UN- monitored referendum.Brainless  suggestion.The frivolous  goings-on are akin to TV Reality shows.

Poll counting for Jharkhand poll is underway. Initial trends are disturbing for BJP.

This is the wake-up call for the ruling coalition at the centre. Arrogance and over-confidence are anathema to nasty politicians.

Excessive visibility of PM Modi on TV , his inane Man ki baat, ( a monologue ) constantly badgering the voters and rendering the NDA out-of-touch with them .

Time for ‘ Chintan and Manthan ‘ in BJP.

Ethics demand ,some one must own the moral responsibility for the ignominious defeat.The moot point is whether this can be taken as a verdict on NRC and the Citizens Amendment Act (CAA)? How  have the voters  suddenly grown so antagonistic ?


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