Four Telangana rapists killed in police encounter.Country in euphoria,  celebratory –dancing mood. Hyderabad Police  hailed for ‘ timely action’

Unfortunately, the Unnao  gang rape victim died of 90%  burns in a Delhi hospital  last night. Country is sullen and depressed. A police cop was allegedly caught  in a sting operation by  Republic TV while destroying  real evidences and fabricating  fake evidences  before filing report. The Public  is hugely outraged .

The incredible was yet to come . A five year old girl has been reportedly raped in Bihar’s Darbhanga . Keep counting . Another inhuman act in Uttar Pradesh. A 14-year-old minor teenager was held hostage in a farm, and was gangraped in UP’s Bulandshehr . Rapists  reportedly arrested.

Hyderabad’s Good Police  V/s Bad police of UP,Bihar,controversy . Rapes  have become a national  hobby.Politicians have no time to visit the aggrieved.Chief ministers have no time to spare as they are busy politicking, wooing voters, wasting tax payers funds.

Strangely, no one accuses the Judiciary for delaying  the prosecution of the accused by granting frequent  adjournments on flimsy grounds. All Lords to themselves, not accountable to higher courts or the public.

No one blames the political and administrative  Executive in union Home ministry for delaying  processing  of mercy petitions. All must be identified and prosecuted for non-performance. In the Nirbhaya case, MHA officers and successive union home ministers should be held accountable and punished for dereliction of duties. Conduct a case study in the Nirbhaya case and analyse the results.

Police, across the country is usually corrupt,inefficient and unprofessional . It is rarely effective and co-operative. Always interested in out-of-court settlements and extracting money from both parties.

Change Laws

Law makers in consultation with  top Judiciary ,must change the laws relating to outraging the modesty of women  by covering the following aspects :--

(a)  All criminal proceeding must be completed within three months by the  fast-track courts on day-to-day basis  without adjournments. Delay must attract appropriate punishments. With no  faith in the Rule of Law, the outraged public  demands  time-bound executions ;

(b)   Death penalty must be the Rule rather than the Exception.Life sentence is a liability on public exchequer.They all emerge as hardened criminals. Punishment like  physical and chemical castrations  do not eliminate the menace of rapes;

(c) The juveniles and adults must be treated at par for applying the Laws ; No distinction, based on  age criteria. Instant  gratification is the common factor ;

(d)  Level of Inquiry Officers (IO) must be upgraded from Sub-inspectors to SHOs (Inspectors). Normally, hawaldaars are sent  to crime sites for inquiries

(e)  Laws on granting bails  must be made  extremely stringent in cases of rapes,molestations and other acts of outraging the modesty of women;

(f)    Duty officers in all police stations who dilly dally  in filing FIRs,complaints to fudge records to show low crime rates  or even refusing to give a patient hearing to the victims and their kins,must be identified and sacked straightaway.They do not deserve milk of human kindness by applying  the Principle of Equity and Natural Justice. Instal Audeo and CCTVs at all police stations for factual recordings.

(g) Surprise checks of  thanas’ functionings  by senior  officers and usually absent beat constables. They are more interested in collecting  haftasThe senior police officers are usually more crazy about appearing on TV channels  for briefings,sometimes irrelevant. Let such jobs be left to SHOs with Questions and Answers by the media and public .

(h) Quantum of  punishment  like life imprisonments and/or  death penalties, must be finalized and executed within three months.

The public  is feeling  hugely outraged by incidents of rapes from Telangana’s Hyderabad to  UP’s Unnao to Bulandshehr and Bihar’s Darbhanga. All in quick succession.

The rage is not impotent, this time. The  Public must keep up the pressure on  Law makers,Judiciary , political and the administrative  Executive must  take the call.Media will ,no doubt continue to play its role,as always.


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