Something unusual happened last week in Delhi’s corridors of power, exposing the callous attitude of Delhi’s bureaucracy towards the law makers. Mainstream media covered the event  extensively as the Delhi-NCR was, and still is, reeling under severe air quality with thick smog.

A meeting of the Parliamentary committee of the union ministry of Urban ministry was fixed well in advance on 15 th Nov, 2019. There were only 6 presentees out of 29 members. Notable absentees were Secretary (Environment) , 3  Commissioners of Delhi MCD (East , North and South) , Vice Chairman DDA, CEO,Delhi Jal Board. All conspicuous by their absence.

No prior permission; no nominees. The lapse amounted to administrative misconduct and, more importantly , a clear contempt of Parliament.Absence of key officers from the Parliamentary meet was pre-planned,not  co-incidental.

Who is protecting these elite officers ,one wonders?

It is noteworthy that the pollution in Delhi was one of the most prominent items on the agenda for deliberations.In absence of  key officers for briefing the Law makers,the meeting was deferred.

Why are DOP&T, MHA and Min of Urban Development speechless?

DOP&T in its  detailed 2016 hospitality guidelines  issued to bureaucracy for welcoming MPs, MLAs,had promised strict action for non-compliance.The present blunder is far more serious and calls for exemplary action against one and all.

Strangely, all the above-mentioned  officers have neither been show-caused nor transferred,let alone, suspended.

Even, Gautam Gambhir, the cricketer-turned- BJP, MP chose to ignore the Standing committee meet. The arrogant  sportsperson will have much to explain for insulting  Delhi’s  public-at-large.He was seen enjoying  jalebis at Indore test match against Bangladesh.  No merit , no accountability.

PM Modi as  protagonist of  Good governance, is urged to take the call and penalise the guilty.


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