No Government decision is perfect. These usually have loopholes for exploitation by sly, manipulative forces.

A deadly combination of unquestioned authority of the elected executive on the appointed executive and latters' pliability to  political class determines the final decision.

On the economic front, top industrial houses operating through mafia, influence all decisions in the guise of  fake stake-holders,

Rampant quid pro quo deals between top business houses and the politico- bureaucratic Executive. Open secret for the gullible masses.

No place for Ethics and morality in Governance. Uninformed public willingly   fall in line and remain callous,insensitive,unruffled.

Top Judiciary is helpless ,as always , in preventing the subordinate courts from blatantly indulging in corrupt practices, particularly in matters of  granting bails, long adjournments etc. All pronouncements  are non-speaking and hence without accountability. All courts are Lords to themselves.

India's economy is in a shambles. With fast-paced economic slowdown , the GDP growth rate slippped to 4.5 %, in  second quarter of the current fiscal , lowest ever during the past 6 years of NDA's rule or misrule,one cant say.

Where is India heading for?  No one knows?

God is clueless and is repeatedly failing . And,so has PM Modi.

" Modi ji's Man kee baat" is increasingly sounding more hollow, more boring. Sheer waste of  national time. Resentment against BJP is rising exponentially. A wake-up call for all political parties. BJP’s super-moronry is gain to all its detractors


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