We celebrate the ‘Constitution Day’ every year on Nov 26.

This is despite rampant discrimination both Constitutional and Statutary, that prevails in our hierarchy- driven society

Consider case of women prohibited from entering Hindu places of worship. Supreme court got scared of non-compliance of its rulings on Sabrimala temple by Kerala government.

The Apex court wants to take a final view only after considering practices in other religions.

No deadline was fixed for final decision. Procrastination amounted to avoidance of decision.

In the meanwhile,  police atrocities against the ' ineligible hindu women' continues brazenly unabated,unabashed, in Kerala and elsewhere.

Can devotees of all religions in India, who are feeling discriminated against in their own religions , not form a Union to fight the case jointly in the Apex court ?

The Unions of devotees will give their members the strength to negotiate with their  biased co-religionists  for equal rights through collective bargaining.

Gender equality is intrinsically linked to sustainable development and is vital to  realization of human rights for one and all.



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