Apropos news item on ' Shifting PM's house closer to South Block ' in TOI , dated Nov 3,2019.

The selected Gujarat-based architect wants PM's house to be shifted near South block.This means razing of several bungalows and offices in Lutyens Delhi.

What happens to present PM's house on which crores of rupees have been wasted including building an underground tunnel upto IG international airport and helipad.

PM Modi rarely uses his present bungalows,anyway,being mostly abroad or out of Delhi

I suggest both PM's office and residence involving cluster of bungalows,may be built near airport.

One facet of PM's overall personality startles every one.

How could one with a humble background is so self-indugent with passion for living a luxurious life style.

Scant or zero concern for poor tax-payers' money.No austerity,no simplicity.

On same considerations, PM's obsession for revamping Central vista complex at an estimated cost of Rs 10,000 crores (Completion cost will be many times over) raises suspicions about pressures of builders' mafia.

Was the RBI compelled to transfer Rs 1.76 lakh crore of its surplus reserve to the government to undertake such activities of tertiary importance ,bypassing priorities like roads, national highways, hospitals and other socio- economic schemes/projects. Investment is also needed for development of UTs of J&K, Ladhak and finally POK after its annexation

Nation wants to know,how funds are going to be utilized?


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