EU MPs, admired india for hospitality,condemned Pak's continuous terror attacks, appreciated abatement of corruption in Kashmir.Quick reality checks.

Statements made at the Press conference seemed guarded, ostensibly out of gratitude to the hosts.

Credibility became the casualty.

Whether,the guests will be able to influence european nations in India’s favour (and, if so, to what extent),only future will tell. Support of every small country counts. However, its impact in moulding world opinion, is debatable .

Acknowledging thanks-giving by foreign guests is discretionary.

Pakistan is a pastmaster in organising such jamborees for foreign media and members of civil society. To that extent,a matching Tit-for-Tat by India. Let no indian make mountain out of a mole hill and support Kashmiri separatists.

EU lawmakers' pro-India narrative surely enhanced the feel-good factor of every Indian.

Now,it is Pakistan's turn to invite Congis' and Commies' traitors from from India for a reality check of the situation in their country and enjoy hospitality at Lahore's food street.





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