The Media is usually the first to protest to is no longer free. It has become captive by lending its secret support to policy formulation by successive ruling dispensations.

The jingoistic Media has always been on the right side of party in power.Paid news,fake news. Journos change narratives for pecuniary considerations. No ethics, no morals. No accountability. No self-regulatory mechanism.They can go to any extent for fabricating news replete with sensationalism.No one can question them

Freedom of Speech is a farce. Debates in a majority of mainstream of TV channels are moderated by journalists, especially chosen to favour the ruling party. Anchors are ordered by media barons controlling majority stakes, to toe a particular line.The panellists who oppose government policies , are shouted out, blacklisted.

No consistency. Ad-hocism galore in all departments of governance. A  deep state, seems to be influencing  decision making, sometimes leading to ludicrously improbable situations. The ostensible government is being constantly manipulated by the invisible deep state.


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A K SAXENA, an Indian national, is a retired civil servant from Government of India He is also a freelance journalist with several published investigative articles and columns in various fields to his credit. His writings are a reflection of his interest in writing on divergent themes and making the topics relevant to a wider audience. A post graduate in Chemistry from University of Delhi,he could not sustain his interest in pursuing research and instead chose to enter the government service through the IAS etc exam held by the UPSC. “KALASAVYA” that brought out several publications besides organizing cultural shows.

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