October 1921

Strange bedfellows

Days after Xi's exit from Chennai,he started his usual mind games by conducting military exercise in Tibet near Arunachal Pradesh. India had also recently conducted military exercise in Arunachal Pradesh.This was condemned by China through diplomatic demarche.

So, mistrust still exists between two neighbours.This will always remain. All words of emotional bondings uttered by President Xi at Chennai are farce.Let India’s diplomats demonstrate more foresightedness rather than be swayed by sweet pillow talks of China which is adept in playing mind games.

Consider a concomitant development.

India is making its presence felt by pledging a $1 billion Line of Credit for development of the Russian Far East.This region though minerally rich , has a hostile climate and is sparsely populated.Some separatists tendencies have reportedly been noticed, of late,by Russia in the area due to low investment on infrastructural development. Russia is suspicious about wily intentions of the expansionist China,having its eyes set on the area.

India is governed by its geo-political compulsions, not business interests. It is also trying to counter growing Chinese presence in Russian Far East.It would also guard against China's growing hegemony around south-China sea region.

Nations have no permanent enemies or friends. But, only interests are permanent.


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