Budget documents wrapped in a red cloth ( An affront to saffron ?) with national emblem,did not inspire any one.Thumping desks by ruling party with a “ thumping majority” in Lok sabha polls , shlokaas, urdu shayris quoted in FM’s maiden budget speech typifies Congress perversity.No break from the past tradition. The ruling dispensation continues to follow the beaten path.Politicians have similar genetic code.Political ideologies are irrelevant.

Confidence is bad; over-confidence is self deception. Excessive reliance on assumptions to sustain 8% GDP growth with 4% inflation to raise a 5 Trillion dollar economy by 2025, has left most indians confounded.At least,so it seems.

Why did the budget rely on revised estimates when the figures of actuals were available?Economic Survey wants retirement age to be raised to 75. Not a word about wasteful expenditure on political hypocrisy, austerity measures etc. What about the growing economic disparity between the filthy rich and the down-trodden?

Pardon my ignorance of basic Economics.I leave budgetary micro details and their far-reaching implications for discussions by the specialists.

All things considered ,one has to admit that on the analogy of the practice in the past, this is an over-confident budget, high on rhetorical promises with no immediate reliefs for the downtrodden and senior citizens.No major structural reforms announced. Massive discrepancy in GDP figures indicated in the Economic survey and the Budget documents.

Outcomes in the form of concrete results are in the womb of the future.Time will prove their worth or otherwise. Time is a great leveller.

Use of complicated economic jargon in the budget speech,as always, has been baffling the common man year-after-year. Apparently, the budget is meant primarily for academic discussions among financial analysts.

All beyond the masochistic common man’s comprehension ,who

is always available to be fooled by the sadistic governments.

Lastly, invocation of Lord Basaveshwara’s teachings in FM's budget speech,was something pleasant. I never knew,such a Lord existed.


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