BJP-ruled Haryana govt backs 42 days parole  for the convicted murderer , rapist  and the most sinful Ram Rahim . The justification given  is  to enable the godman look after his fields in Sirsa district The good conduct certificate has been submitted by jail authorities to Haryana CM Khattar. As per jail manual,the parole application filed before the jail superintendent  is forwarded  to the Deputy commissioner concerned. A report is then sought from the SP and, finally , the recommendation is made by the divisional commissioner.Khattar  had the gall to  brazenly  state during TV interview :

“Any decision, which is in the interest of the state, will be taken. If we have to take any decision that is not in the interest of the state, then it won’t be taken. We have not taken any decision so far”.

A drama for garnering votes for next year’s Assembly election,is disgusting. The nexus of the ruling politicians in Haryana with Mafia stands exposed. The country is appalled, amazed and disgusted, feeling  utterly cheated by the unprincipled stand stand by Haryana CM and his ministers and BJP spokespersons.

Undoubtedly, the competent court would decide the case after taking into account the heinous crimes committed by the self-styled godman and the massive violence that followed the sect chief’s conviction in August 2017.

Another round of violence is not ruled out,in case,Haryana’s current dispensation  continues to extend its overt and covert support  to a criminal due to electoral compulsions  for retaining power by hook or by crook. Let them not be shocked to receive similar requests from other fraudsters and serious offenders like Asha Ram Bapu,his son Narain Sai, Rampal, Nirmal baba,Sachchidanand Giri (builder baba) Swami Omji and many more, still counting.

Means are not important for politicians; but ends are. Unprecedented, condemnable and unpardonable


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