Contemplating switch over from Parliamentary to  Presidential form of government ,seven decades after independence could be part of the wishlist of the present ruling dispensation. But,it is the favourite timepass for the aimless and unproductive bureaucrats in the corridors of power.

No wonder that even former Prime minister Ms Indira Gandhi had secretly toyed with the idea of exercising all executive powers as President of India. All after getting brute majority in Parliament. After tasting power ( 15 years as CM Gujarat plus 5 years as country’s PM) PM Modi is also attracted to the pampering makeover as the combined  Head of Government  and the State like the US President .

Who does not want Authority without Accountability ?.But, the ground reality is in a state of flux. No permanence should be attached to the phenomenon of brute majority.The electorate is impatient. It wants rapid results  of its expectations than are possible from the new policies of Modi sarkar 2.0 in ‘ Naya Bharat’.

Failing this, the unpredictable electorate can always switch to a different party at the next general election in 2024. Worse,  there is a great danger of  Political gridlock  whenever the Presidential head  and the legislative majority are from different parties.

Indian citizens are very sharp and intelligent. Never underestimate them.

They are becoming increasingly aware of the growing tendency in PM Modi towards authoritarianism. All decisions on governance appear to be Modi-centric. Bureaucrats see  him as a “ Control freak ”,who loves centralisation of powers in the PMO but hates decentralisation and delegations of authority. Hates Accountability,too .

Decisions like lateral entry into bureaucracy, appointments of retired civil servants etc are merely symptoms, manifestations ,omens of  a deeper malaise.

Politicians think they know everything; but, actually they know nothing.

BJP may have a comfortable position in the Rajya Sabha in due course besides brute majority in Lok Sabha.

But, re-writing or amending the Constitution of India will not be so easy that can be done with eyes shut.


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