The Nehru- Gandhi dynasty, its congis, commies lapdogs and rabble-rousers, deserve to be hanged by the neck for insulting India's Armed forces. They cannot be allowed  to go scot free.

Congress’s slugfest with Modi is political. Mutual recriminations by their dirty tricks departments.

Opposition's trust deficit in India's Armed Forces,their unholy nexus with enemies need to be investigated. Clear sedition.These fifth columnists are on ISI's pay rolls. All are anti- Nationals.

PM Modi has also much to explain for his failure to take action against UPA scamsters. The footloose Pradhan Sevak has been perennially on tour throughout his tenure. Either, abroad or visiting temples . Misplaced priorities.  A drain on tax payers' money. The public is expected to be just and fair in applying its mind at the time of voting.


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