Oh,Naseeruddin Shah ! What have you done?

Country thought better of you ; but,you turned out to be a  moron.

Your celebrity status did not match your impulsive outburst.

On the contrary, this emboldened Pak PM Imran Khan spew venom against India's communal harmony,creating more acrimony.

Naseeruddin's retort to Imran Khan to" mind his own business ", came a little too late. The damage was already done.

Salute Mother India. You will be alright.

A celebrity's innocuous statement  could have serious repercussions.

This is the lesson to be learnt by one and  all.

All bollywood celebrities must learn to shut up and put up.

The comfort level of proud indian muslims,is far above those of Pak's muslims.

Recall this statement made by none other than late indian actor Feroze Khan before leaving the Pakistani soil under protest for India. Why is Imran silent about the plight of minorities in Pakistan ?


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this linkUnited States
1/11/2019 8:21:00 AM#

I am a bit confused about your logic?


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NEVER quit reaching. Succeed!


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1/31/2019 12:14:35 AM#

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