Govt of India goes topsy-turvy. Utterly confused. Two union ministers of India have been directed to visit Pakistan for the ground-breaking for Kartarpur corridor on Nov 28, 2018 . 

The news came as a rude shock today as we were observing the tenth  anniversary of 26/11 in Mumbai that killed and maimed hundreds of Indians. Mental sufferings of those affected continues till date.

Worse still, sharing the dias by the visiting indian delegates with the Khalistanis, ISI- sponsored terrorists besides facing black flags, would be the most reprehensible experience for Indians of all faiths.

Opposition by the silent majority of MEA’s mandarins is over-ruled by the mighty "high command ",it is learnt.

India's Pak policy lacks consistency, vision and fore-sight. Ad hocism reigns supreme in South Block. At least,so it seems.

Is this hypocrisy meant for the religious appeasement of  the Sikh community in India, before elections?

It is considered sinful for the elites of ruling dispensation to look for political brownie points before elections by sacrificing country's honour ?

India has forefeited its right to condemn terror attacks continuing from across the border. Blowing hot and cold in administering foreign policy is amazing , awful,atrocious.We,Indians are feeling utterly humiliated by the zigzag course between the largest democracy and a military dictatorship.



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