For journalists , information is Power.

A majority of them are on pay rolls of political parties, Some masquerade as ‘Corporate lobbysts’ for big business houses. Touts, Conduits for bribery and providing any form of hospitality Some indulge in the game of competitive nationalism to prove their loyalty to the country.

Their modus operandi is simple. Getting dirty secrets from cops belonging to intelligence, investigative and anti-graft agencies. Accessing bureaucrats to seek out explosive information for promoting business of their paymasters by blackmailing their detractors.

Aisey journalists kaa zameer mar gaya hai ; Unhe jeeney ka koi haq nahi hai

Against this backdrop, I can say with all the emphasis at my command Dr Suresh Mehrotra  that you surely stand out different from other journalists of your genre.  Calling a spade a spade, is your strength.Getting over15 crores hits for the website,is mind-blowing,incredible,unprecedented.



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