With the highest of respect , I beg to disagree with Supreme court’s verdict in Ayodhya case. Adjourning the hearings by two months or even more, at a stretch, is considered arbitrary by both Indian muslims and the hindus, irrespective of the outcome of the final verdict.

Whether,the verdict is for or against any community is immaterial. Every indian is fed up, interested only in early resolution.

Delay is deeply disturbing. It impacts peace of mind of every Indian.

Eight years pendency in Supreme Court alone (2010 to 2018) is a matter of grave concern in the given circumstances including volatility at India’s large borders with hostile neighbours.

Were the negative implications of assigning low or no priority to public demand for early hearings,kept in view,one wonders before giving such a large adjournment to a sensitive matter. Subversives within the country ,are ready to strike. Politicians are waiting to earn political brownie points. This would be sinful.

Hon'ble SC is thus urged to re-visit its decision in larger interest of peace and stability in the country.Just a suggestion for consideration.

I am sure all right-thinking citizens would stand by me. I am apolitical with no axe to grind. Country's interest should be the first priority. No political parties should try to earn political brownie points. This would be sinful.

Apology in advance. While, making the above submission,there is no intention to insult the Judiciary. Not the least.I am not a specialist in law,knowing little about the Law of contempt But, if,in 99% cases, I salute SC's judgements, I trust, I am entitled to disagree in 1% cases as part of my democratic right without casting personal aspersions on any one.



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