PM Modi's enigmatic silence on the on-going infighting between Alok Varma and Rakesh Asthana, director and special director (No 1 and ,2 respectively) in CBI, is highly disturbing.

Why did the PMO,Cabinet Sectt and DOP&T allow the crisis to escalate to unprecedented level, resulting in avoidable embarassment to indian taxpayers.PM has been let down by his coterie of advisors.

The present NSA being from the IPS, must refrain from intervention.He is Advisor to PM in matters of national security.

The NSA to PM Manmohan Singh was infamous for excessive interference in ordering transfers/posting of IFS officers in MEA. History should not be allowed to repeat itself.

CBI's credibility is at stake. How could the country trust the 'Cage'(CBI), if not, the two 'caged parrots', one wonders?

PM Modi, as country's CEO, is not according the level of seriousness,it deserves. He is urged to take the call and arrest intra- competiveness in India's premier anti-graft agency that is going from bad to worse.

Sending the case to CVC, some claim, is merely a ploy, a delaying tactic to coincide with Alok Varma's impending retirement in July,2019.

Lokpal would have been the most appropriate authority to handle such sensitive matters.But, unfortunately, its formation is being delayed due to political slugfest.

Rakesh Asthana,No 2, stands booked by CBI.FIR can be accessed on CBI's website. No scapegoating out of vendetta. Ends of justice must be met. Allegations of receiving bribe by Asthana, involve moral turpitude and are serious.

It bodes ill for the country that stands committed to eradication of corruption. Supreme court is expected to step in to prevent politicisation of CBI.


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Claud Burdier
Claud BurdierUnited States
11/23/2018 10:19:12 PM#

thanks for sharing this information have shared this link with others keep posting such information..


3 week diet
3 week dietUnited States
12/6/2018 1:28:31 AM#

This article really stood out for me. As an aspiring trainer 3 week diet and current classroom teacher, there was so much that I was thought was spot on, especially about presenting ideas 3 week diet with humility, neutrality and objectivity. Being open to challenge is so important, the more people do this, the more they are engaging with the application of what is being taught to their own lives.


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