National and States Commissions for Women’s with statutory backings have been reduced to parking lots for sycophants of the ruling political dispensations. Chairpersons and Members enjoy government perks at tax payers' expenses. Endowed with insatiable appetite for cheap publicity,they mostly behave like  moral police under media coverage.

Recommendations of such commissions, more often than not, are influenced by  political class rather than merit.Their  actions do not come under the purview of public scrutiny. With zero utility and accountability, these are irrelevant.

Recall  unethical  practices by Delhi’s women commission in NCT, Delhi. A large number of contractual posts were created by the present Chairperson without sanctions of competent authority. Recruitments were made on contractual basis on pick-and-choose, arbitrary basis without  giving due publicity and fixing eligibility criteria for holding  mandatory  selection tests.

Zero accountability, sheer drain on public exchequer. These are  misused as political tools for settling scores with political adversaries.Positions in  other States and UTs would be anybody’s guess.

Should not  women’s Commissions , creatures of legislatures, be scrapped to save on tax payers’ funds  running into  crores of rupees spent on  salaries of  Chairpersons, members, supporting staff and officers, chauffeur-driven cars, free petrol ,buildings rentals etc?

Chairpersons and members are all political appointees,co-terminus with successive  ruling dispensations.


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anita blog
anita blogUnited States
11/21/2018 12:48:38 PM#

your article is very good information


Walter Sharpless
Walter SharplessUnited States
11/23/2018 2:35:03 AM#

thanks for sharing this information have shared this link with others keep posting such information..


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