Several urban naxals euphemestically called the Maoists-sympathisers, were arrested in country-wide raids.These included lawyers, activists, academics ,journalists, kashmir separatists, stone pelters etc.The  Maoists agenda is to incite violence ,write articles, print posters to 

radicalise the poor, illiterate, unemployed youth, pick up arms to incite violence  to wage a proxy war against the country with China’s covert support- financial and receiving smuggled arms. Masquerading as maoists' sympathisers,the secessionists acted as conduits to fund and 

incite the Bhima-Koregaon violence in the guise of dalit unrest.

Indian intelligence’s revelation that the armed Maoists’ single point action plan is to carry out assassination of present PM on the lines of  suicide bombing of Rajiv Gandhi at Sriperumbudur, is highly disturbing. The maoist insurgents ,characterised  by former PM Dr Manmohan 

Singh, as the gravest threat to our internal security, have been continuously fine-tuning their strategies and tactics in order to maintain their relevance.

The following course of action is suggested for NSA’ consideration :--

( a) PM Modi must be advised to restrict his movements.

His freely mingling with school children during the independence day celebrations 2018,was a serious security breach.

( b) Secret links of the urban naxalites with the Congress, Communists and the ISI,must be probed. China’s interests are served in destabilizing India.

(c) Congress President’s tendentious statements about the ISIS on foreign soils  reveal his subconscious mindset. As head of Congress's dirty tricks department, these have serious implications.

Violence will escalate as country moves closer to States assemblies' and General elections. Precautions are needed to protect national interests and assets.



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