The Lutynes coteries are ubiquitous in all departments of life.

The  opportunistic among them switch loyalties in order to receive patronage of successive ruling dispensations. Such charity to clever chaatukaars has destroyed democracy.

A stupid man is more likely to be honest than a shrewd man. We are sharply machiavellian.

Why should we target the Media alone.

There are hordes of shrewd, sharply hierarchical Lutynes ,evergreen bureaucrats , Law-makers are bereft of clean conscience.

They are adept in monopolising key positions without merit.

Elitist, anglisized brokers, fixers and corporate lobbyists

And, what about those four ill-advised SC judges' who went public for articulating their grievances? What glorious messages the "Lutynes judges " had sent to the holding press conferences. Ironically, no contempt notices were issued by the Apex court for washing dirty linen in public?


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