Governments at the Centre and States and their associates in the country are the largest litigants. Ironically, they are also the largest losers. No one  seems to bother about the resultant loss of  revenue to public exchequer.

Government cases are usually defended in courts by standing counsels empanelled Min of Law at Centre and States. Selections involve use of discretionary powers.Subjectivity is bound to creep in. Private lawyers’ track records,success rates,merit, non-compliance of prescribed criteria and guidelines tend to get ignored for extraneous considerations. Political interference sidelines merit. Standing counsels, more often than not,fail to attach importance to government cases,giving more time to their private clients. The govt counsels  are over-awed by presence of distinguished lawyers engaged by the opposite parties on payment of hefty fees ( in cash). All government payments are made by cheques.This acts as a deterrent.

Things are not hunky dory. Situation in States far worse,shameful. A reality check and corrective measures are necessary to arrest further deterioration.



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Scott Harell
Scott HarellUnited States
9/15/2018 1:53:31 PM#

thanks for sharing this information.have shared this link with others keep posting such information..


Tyree Mielkie
Tyree MielkieUnited States
10/17/2018 5:25:06 AM#

thanks for sharing this information have shared this link with others keep posting such information..


Daryl Reider
Daryl ReiderUnited States
10/17/2018 6:32:11 AM# system that really works for me


Tamiko Coltrane
Tamiko ColtraneUnited States
10/21/2018 6:18:39 AM#



Jerold Mlynek
Jerold MlynekUnited States
10/29/2018 9:22:40 PM#

thanks for sharing this information..have shared this link with others keep posting such information..


Bryanna Dorsay
Bryanna DorsayUnited States
11/12/2018 4:27:21 AM#

Very nice and interesting comments, keep it up!


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