“Successful” bureaucrats turning into politicians ! Number would be  legion,if, Indian states and UTs  are counted. The serving bureaucrats cannot be successful without political blessings.And,there is a price for it.Thumb rule is : You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.The serving bureaucrats get paid for politicking . Good implementers of illegal  decisions. Politically ambitious creatures. All at cost of silent majority of honest civil servants.They are rewarded, after retirement, with gubernatorial assignments, nomination into Rajya sabha, UPSC membership, Election commissioners,CAT memberships, CIC and other sinecures.Some fools join political parties after retirement. I need not spell out their details.

Coming to specifics, N K Singh, N N Vohra, K K Paul are the prominent ones. All experts in keeping successive ruling dispensations on the right side.Reasons for their  initial appointments and successive extensions,are matters of discussion in bureaucratic circles. Names of hundreds other  pseudo-intellectuals are withheld due to space constraints. Moreover,it will result in unsavoury controversies. NDA has been as brutal as the UPA. No improvement. Utter misuse of discretionary powers by political masters.


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