Let no one play the blame game. When a politico indulges in blame game, it is when they or theirs, are to blame.

BJP ,as  major coalition partner, now accuses PDP after 3 years of " Divya Gyaan " of latter’s non-cooperation and anti-nationalism. No point playing the victim’s card. Why did the BJP not leave the coalition two years back?Was it greed for power?

Was  the pullout a political necessity to escape  public criticism

The centre should  own the joint responsibility of mishandling the issue by following a faulty J&K policy.

Who prevented the BJP from opposing the mass release of stone pelters from the prisons ?

How could PDP tie hands of indian army, as some leaders seem to claim?

Why did the Centre enforce unilateral ceasefire during Ramzan? What use was the goodwill gesture by India?

It was no time for experiment.

Ad hocism dominanated  major part of coalition era.  

Some nincompoop leaders try to justify imposition of Governor’s rule in J&K stating that the indian army did not have a free hand.

PMO and MHA mandarins will have much to explain.

While confidence is a virtue, over-confidence is evil.

All said and done, give our army a free hand .

Let them give the terrorists and stone pelters a bloody nose and bleed Pakistan army/ISI through a thousand cuts.

The country stands solidly behind the indian army


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I  get the feeling that you might be trying to avoid bad feeling with this subject, but please remind yourself that the jucier musings usually make for healthy debate when argued with respect..and this is your site so let your "take" set the tone here!|


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I'm unsure about the listicles.. seems kinda overdone.


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I  figure that you're ultra PC with your reasoning just to cause discord.


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