Why not induct them as Under Secretaries or Deputy Secretaries? Get familiar with the nitty gritty of government  functioning and then compete  on merit with the home-grown officers of organized services . And,why only as Joint Secretary , not lower?

Let me demystify the ulterior motive. Politically  mischievous and self-protective. It is common knowledge that any officer equivalent to the rank  of Joint Secretary and above, cannot be prosecuted by anti- corruption agencies including the CBI, without the prior approval of competent authority. The Supreme Court  struck down Section 6A(1) (a) and Section 6A(1) (b) of the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act, 1946 (Act) as unconstitutional. But,the ruling dispensation over-ruled every thing including recommendation of ARC-II.The status quo ante  was restored to protect all lateral entrants. No fear of Prevention of Corruption Act, arrest,raids,prosecution, chargesheets by CBI.

My Baap Culture

All illegalities flow from political conspiracy in cohoot with the corrupt ,pliable bureaucrats; ever ready to prostrate before the political class in lieu of coveted postings as quid pro quo. These officers will  soon be joined by their distant cousins, sorry, domain experts  from the private  turf. All are happy.The business tycoons,the most.

The honest bureaucrats are in a bind,speechless,clueless.

What  “domain expertise”,is sought to be attracted by the Centre, one wonders ? There is no dearth of talented officers in the country specializing in different fields : Economics, Statistics, Finance, army of chartered and cost accountants,  pool of  technical officers and IT professionals.


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