The union government has invited applications from “ professional and experts “from private sector for induction into the " laid-back " indian bureaucracy. All as Joint Secretaries,the cutting edge for initiating policy decision making. There are ten vacancies in key ministries including Revenue, Economic Affairs, Financial Services, Civil Aviation Commerce and Shipping.

Let us be upfront in analysing the implications. The private sector honchos will play crucial role in selecting the “ most suitable candidate for the right job. The lateral entry of executives from the open market, will enable top business houses to push their favourites into policy making machinary so that they could manipulate decisions in their favour. A distinct possibility in absence of antecedents verification of aspirants by IB, IT, CBI, ED and other watchdog organisations. The ignorance of inductees about governmental functioning ,practices, rules and regulations ,will make them vulnerable to manipulation.

This is not to cast aspersions on the merit of private sector executives. But,they are not trained to uphold the doctrine of bringing maximum good to maximum people.They are trained only to maximise profit. How could career bureaucrats belonging to different Services be expected to ignore the wrongdoings ?

The criteria for selection,that is, whether through Search committee procedure or simply by pick- and- choose is not spelt out. Total absence of accountability and transparency will result in " fixed matches ".Whatever may be the selection criteria, interference by top business houses , ( euphemistically called “legitimate consultation” ) cannot be ruled out.

Here is an example.

An executive was picked up under UPA era straight from a private sector to head a miniratna PSU. He had good connections with the power that be.He rose to head a maharatna within six years. Sacked by PM Modi, investigations were carried out by the CBI, based on the inputs from C&AG about financial frauds and irregularities.The CBI is now going slow in pursuing the case.

One does not know,at whose behest ?


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1/1/2019 12:16:30 PM#

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