First  thing first. Pakistan  is continuously targeting Indian forces in J&K, killing  civilians and jawans by continuous shelling and sniping . Even an 8 month old infant  was not spared by Pakistani snipers on May 22,2018 . All at the behest of China.

While, It is time to be  pro-active, India  remains reactive. The overused rhetoric : “Muh todh jawaab “ by union home minister  does not inspire confidence. For how long should we keep watching the killings as mute spectators. Tough military action is called for. The  stone-pelters,aided and abetted by  Kashmiri separatists , are incurable. They do not deserve mercy and compassion.

An interesting dimension . The book co-authored by former ISI chief Durrani with the former RAW chief A S Dulat and an Indian journalist - “ The Spy Chronicles: RAW, ISI and the Illusion of Peace” , cite interesting anecdotes. The authors  want India to roll out the red carpet for  Pakistan military chief General Qamar Bajwa . I am not into any competitive patriotism debate with the spymasters. But, the suggestion for inviting  Pak General to India,is condemnable.  How is this possible? India would welcome a stable,democratically elected government  in Pakistan instead of the remote-controlled  nominal establishment.

Now consider China. Its  massive mining operations for minerals extractions close to Arunachal Pradesh, poses a direct threat to India’s  security. China has  colonized the area with massive presence of PLA forces,military equipment, ostensibly to secure its miners. Reminiscent of Dokalam’s  face off . Its hidden agenda is to increase frequency of incursions into Arunachal Pradesh by digging underground tunnels under the garb of excavation.

Same strategy was applied by China before creating coral reef islands in south-China sea. It largely succeeded in blocking India( ONGC Videsh ) and other maritime  countries from extracting oil and minerals. India’s agreement  for oil extraction  with Vietnam was promptly cancelled during the UPA era forcing India to beat a hasty retreat. No country had the guts to oppose China. USA’s belated entry into the fray served as a force multiplier for China’s aggressive designs. This has  led to the  present turbulence in the region.


The latest crisis created by China in the Himalayan region must be addressed  on priority. A change in India’s  strategy is called for. Defending China’s mining operations  being within its territory,would be simplistic.China is already  unauthorisedly occupying 40,000 sq miles in Aksai Chin.It considers Arunachal as a disputed territory.


Besides posing military threat, the excavation may cause landslides.  As a  tit-for-tat, one may ask : Why should India not start mining  operations in Arunachal  Pradesh close to Chinese project for mineral extractions ? China will surely  protest,as always. This must be trashed. On the contrary, India must strengthen its military presence in the area as was the case during Dokalam  face-off. China is persistently instigating  militancy in the North-east  region and  Maoists, elsewhere, supporting them  financially and through sypplying  arms. If China wants to play mind game , let India give it a retort.


Indo- US honeymoon is over. At least, so it seems. The suspicion is strengthened by PM Modi’s  sudden rush to Putin. Russia was never comfortable with the growing proximity between the US and India.


India is capable of fighting both China and Pakistan  together.Let us face the twin threat boldly. Recall indian Army chief’s assertion in this regard.


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