Class-3 student slapped 40 times by teacher in Lucknow,UP

" Peer slap bet " in a Noida school

Rapes with girl students in schools are normal

Many more skeletons may tumble out in times to come.

We have become accustomed and insensitive to such mishaps

Why not have a separate and independent Union Minister for SCHOOL EDUCATION for focussed attention ?

And, a separate, independent Union Minister for HIGHER EDUCATION,

Sack officials of CBSE , UGC and other regulatory bodies and their counterparts in States particularly the District Magistrates for dereliction of duties 

Stringent punishment for all including the Police.

Best to appoint Academician- turned -Administrators as Ministers.

Never, the politicians.

Let PM Modi lead by examples by starting from Central government and the BJP-ruled States.



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leaflet distribution
leaflet distributionUnited States
10/24/2017 12:06:31 AM#

Super article, keep up the good work , tom


ChanUnited States
11/17/2017 12:48:41 PM#

Enjoyable and productive read well done


EzekielUnited States
11/27/2017 10:01:07 PM#

reading this all the way from Ireland, super site George all the way from Ireland


Rayford Antu
Rayford AntuUnited States
5/21/2018 6:59:09 AM#

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Tamera Quaye
Tamera QuayeUnited States
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