The US is justifiably miffed by North Korea’s policy of nuclear brinkmanship and for issuing daily threats of nuclear attack. The US is in a bind.The impasse should not be allowed to last long. 

North Korea’s sixth nuclear test is a slap on US’s face besides sending wrong signals to China and Russia. Pakistan’s clandestine transfer of nuclear technology to N Korea went unpunished.The US is now paying the price of its own folly. 

Condemning N Korea’s testing of nuclear fusion device and ICBM by China and Russia , is a charade. Both double crossing the US . The ground reality is just the opposite. No neighbouring country, especially China would be comfortable with a nuclearised Korean peninsula. 

Against the background of all-round misrust, China’s advice to the US for direct talk with a rogue nation , is simply laughable. 

Should the superpower agree to one-on- one talk with a belligerant country like N Korea. Does N Korea deserve the courtesy of appeasement by the US ? 

Economic sanctions against N Korea, have been half-hearted. Military sanctions with conventional weapons, could cause disastrous backlash to South Korea located just 50 Km away from its belligerant neighbour. 

South Korea will be annihilated. It depends on who carries out the pre-emptive strike.

 Direct talks between two un-equals, the US and N Korea, if ever conducted, will continue upto infinity with zero outcome.This will instead embolden N Korea to keep provoking its adversary,the most powerful nation in the world. 

What is President Trump’s “fire and fury” counter- warning  to North Korea ? Does he mean first strike with conventional weapons or a nuclear attack ? 

North Korea’s military dictator Kim Jong, by his incessant threats , is almost begging for a War with the US. He can’t hold the World as hostage. 

Enough is enough.It is now time for the US to take direct action .Let it pull out all full stops. 

This will help the suppressed people of North Korea and restore democracy. 

Kim Jong deserves the same fate as Saddam Hussain, Gaddafi and Osama bin Laden, former Al Qaeda chief. 

The US with its much advanced technology, capability and intelligence inputs, should know better.


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