Art of Living (AOL)'s 3-day World Culture Festival on Yamuna's flood plains in Delhi, last year, is in the news again for wrong reasons.News report in a section of media (HT,April 26 : “Art of living hits back at NGT panel over Yamuna report “ ) is disturbing. Interestingly, the musical extravaganza was organized with assistance of Times Group. TOI has not picked up the story. The job involves removal of huge debris, de-compaction of site, restoration of natural topography and contours, removal of temporary roads, re-planting of natural vegetation etc.NGT’s expert committee estimates Rs 42 crores investment for restoration work spanning over 10 years. Let us seek answers to following questions :--

(a) Will the AOL Foundation agree to pay for restoration work?

(b) Is C&AG as chief auditor of govt agencies involved in restoration job, seized with the matter ?

(c) One wonders, whether PM Modi's visit to the mega event is not misused as a licence against recovery of restoration charges.

(d) Unless, the court orders suo motu revovery proceedings as GOI does not seem to be in the loop,it is quite possible that Kejriwal might cite this as a precedent to bolster up his refusal to pay Rs 97 crores of public funds, illegally siphoned off  from Delhi’s budget and misused for advertisements in the Punjab/ Goa assemblies’ elections.

The controversy cannot rest here due to heavy public exchequer. The public has reasons to feel outraged in the face of the constitutionally guaranteed doctrine of  Equality before the Law

My motive is not to hurt anyone’s sentiments. If anyone feels hurt due to difference in opinions, I seek apologies in advance


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