Sushma Swaraj warned Pakistan : "Sabak ke liye tayyar raho " Teaching lessons to Pakistan? What are the available options? Approaching Pak’s Supreme court with an appeal, diplomatic pressure, Entebbe style, Surgical strike or God forbid, the nuclear strike? Kulbhushan Jhadav’s trial was a charade without providing Consular access to him. More serious is Pak’s failure in providing him legal assistance through a defence counsel. India must do whatever is considered holistically appropriate from security angle. But, take swift action-- In hours, days, but, not week. Country is outraged at the gravest provocations.  Approaching ICJ , UNO or showing a cry-baby face to the US, USSR and the world-at-large, will hit country’s dignity in the comity of nations. All soft options. 

Following pro- active steps need be taken :

(i)Revive active support to Baluchistan’s freedom movement. PM Modi has not taken follow-up action after the historic announcements.

(ii) India’s candy floss diplomacy is tertiary in the given circumstances. Dialogue with Pak’s elected govt. would be meaningless. Pak’s civilian govt. is irrelevant;

(iii)  Let the indian army talk to their Pakistani counterparts in the language, they would understand. It is time for retaliation;

(iv) Arrest all hurriyat leaders, the Abdullahs, Junaid Mattu, Mustafa Kamal of National Conference and their supporters. And, of course, the stone –pelters. No kid-glove treatment for them;

(v) Shame to Indian pro-Pak liberals, sympathizers, peaceniks, who chose to sip ‘ chai on April 11, 2017, with Abdul Basit,Pak’s high commissioner, who has been consistently justifying death sentence to Jadhav. No room for Track-II diplomacy;

(vi) Belgium has alerted against more 26/11 type terror attacks in India;

(vii) India must declare Pakistan a terror state, before appealing to other countries  do the same;

(viii)  Issue travel advisory to Indians for taking necessary precautions during business trips to countries neighbouring Pakistan. Getting close to international borders could invite abductions by Pak army.


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