PM Modi’s initiative merits appreciation. But, more concrete steps are required to make the selection process-  just, fair, transparent, free from political  discretion  and the doctrine of “ pick and choose “.

Consider these. Details of selection criteria, guidelines, nominations received ( on line) their achievements, performance including ongoing court cases, if any,  must be kept in public domain. These are public ( and not government awards)  and must be open to public scrutiny.

Sources in MHA reveal that during the UPA regime, nominations used to be received till the last moment by the PMO and office of HM. Final decisions usually taken with the approval of the then “ De facto PM” . Several black marketeers , money-launderers , tax defaulters masquerading as “ public servants “ had benefitted on considerations other than merit.

Nominations received under category of “public service”, are usually dicey.  These require close scrutiny, even investigation by the CBI, IB, IT and ED.

Let the present dispensation headed by PM Modi substitute fraud by caution.


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Dermot Carey
Dermot CareyUnited States
1/29/2021 6:49:05 AM#

Fantastic stuff great work i love the site by the way.


Front Doors
Front DoorsUnited States
2/8/2021 7:49:23 AM#

Super article and content


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