Freedom of speech is all very fine.But, one cannot pardon Kanhaiya Kumar for his lumpen, anti-national and seditious rhetorics. People also condemn lawyers’ lawless behavior inside the court. Here are Some excerpts from Supreme court’s orders:-

 "We are also informed that there is a possibility of a large gathering of various groups including the students and political parties at the Court when the matter is taken up. We are inclined to agree with such anticipation and we, therefore, deem it appropriate to direct the Commissioner of Police, Delhi to take such appropriate measures as he may deem fit to maintain the law and order situation in accordance with law.”

Two moot questions: Who ordered Delhi Police’s supreme inactivity while mutely watching lawyers bashing the accused inside the court? Does violation of SC’s orders, as above, not constitute Contempt of court,one wonders? While issuing contempt notice to the lawyers, the Delhi’s Police Commissioner was not even summoned Merely, a report was called from DP.

Why, this dichotomy in approach?


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