The juvenile rapist Bill passed by Parliament will not mitigate crimes due to several unanswered questions like : (a) Whether to continue with the Juvenile Justice Board; (b) where to lodge the juvenile rapists- in jails with adults or in juvenile homes; (c) Quantum and type of of punishment- whether chemical castration for juveniles and 25 to 30 years of imprisonment for adults ; (d) Why were questions of giving retrospective effect to legislation and extension of detention of Nirbhaya’s rapist , not debated by Parliament in terms of Supreme court’s latest verdict/ observations in the same case? Release of rapist would force Nirbhaya's parents to live in constant fear of being attacked .

The rapist will also live under threat of public lynching due to extreme rage and contempt against him. Psychotic conditions could trigger suicidal tendencies in juvenile offender. One hopes, the President of India would order a review of the Bill by addressing these concerns before according his assent to enact the law.


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