Some filthy-rich coaching institutes in Delhi and outside are ready to invest large sums of money as cash honoraria to Top rankers of UPSC Civil services examinations held year after year .

All to promote their business interests. Not for charity.The going rates are anything from 5 to 7 lakhs rupees per event.

Easy to fall for such lucrative cash awards. No payment by cheques. Disturbing Implications The gullible Civil services aspirants are the ultimate casualties.

Misled by names of high ranking officers,politicians, the burden of wasteful expenditure ultimately falls on poor, hapless aspirants, who are charged excessively high fees with “ attractive packages “ offered by coaching institutes.

First lesson to budding civil servants in managing corruption. No Regulatory Mechanism Strangely, there are no Regulatory Authorities at the Centre and States for verifying credentials of teaching faculties of coaching institutes.

There is no practice for carrying out regular Audits of expenditures and quality of teaching by faculty members. Big business. Total turnover running into thousands of crores of rupees.

The coaching institutes exercise huge corrupting influence on budding,uninitiated bureaucrats. Rest by on-the-job experience.They must be kept under scanners of CBI and other anti-corruption agencies.Releasing Audio recordings of negotiated settlements ,could be disastrous for several offenders. Simply disgusting. Top rankers acting like commodities for sale.The caucuses are active in Delhi and outside. All top rankers in civil services examination held by the UPSC, are not rotten eggs who indulge in unethical practices.

There are bright spots,too. Some " Serving” Civil Servants , Judicial Officers, officers belonging to IRS (IT),IRS (Custom),IAS, IPS etc, do not hesitate in taking leave from their employers and assist coaching institutes. Worse , some Ex-Chairpersons and Ex-Members of UPSC and States PSCs ((Constitutional appointees) do not refrain from such inappropriate practices. Nothing pro bono. All for handsome cash rewards. Besides this, they also denigrate the dignity of high Constitutional positions ,they once held. Will PM Modi, as in-charge of DOP&T, please take the call and order investigation by appropriate anti-corruption agencies ?

A K Saxena ( A former civil servant)



As per media reports, BJP is planning ‘digital rallies’ in every district, to mark the first anniversary of second successive Modi sarkar.

Misplaced enthusiasm. PM Modi is in " bad mood" with China,says Donald Trump.

What is there to celebrate,after all? PM Modi is expected to be furious due to China's double standards.

Is PM ill-advised by BJP's top notch or is this figment of his own imagination,one wonders? It is wasteful either way and out-of-sync with ground reality.

Such extravaganza during Covid 19 and stand offs with hostile neighbours,is unwarranted.

Austerity is need of the hour. Does not behove Modi ji who is Prime minister of India, not BJP's?

No time to earn political brownie points for impending elections in States. Indian public is feeling outraged,cheated



A majority of constituents of Retail sector  in the un-organized sector regularly defaults in payment of sales tax, income tax. It  pilfers power and encroaches  on public land .It is, however, smart enough to pay bribes to corrupt politicians, the Police, Sales tax, income tax, municipal officials and those working in  Bijli and Jal boards. The leakage of public money contributes to growth of black money, not GDP.Once the FDI becomes operational, in multi-brand retail sector, the circulation of black money could reduce marginally. The moot point is : Could the kirana store owners work out an effective response  mechanism to retain their  market share in the consumers’ shopping basket under the revised dispensation? Yes; but  not without consumers’ support. The Kirana shops in villages, towns and cities are located in the neighbourhoods. Their replacement by multi-brand retail outlets would be out of question. These will continue to receive patronage by consumers  due to their residential proximity combined with  high transport cost, traffic congestions, parking problems  around   Big bazaars, Malls  etc. These act as a damper  on consumer enthusiasm for visiting the Malls.

The Congress  is aware of ground realities.However,beleagured by public angst against serial scams, rising inflation , the party was in desperate hurry in notifying  FDI rules  by skipping  promised consultation with  political parties and without taking Parliamentary approval. The motive was loud and clear : To deflect public  attention from the latest Coalgate  scam allegedly involving  the PM , his aides and central Ministers. The fear that “foreign players will capitalise on India's high-cost manufacturing base” may not hold water in the face of experience gathered by  India’s majors like the Reliance. Big Bazaar etc.The backlash by Kirana owners and their salesmen against indian majors, is not forgotten.

The assumption that FDI  will boost india’s economic  independence ,is thus  fallacious ,simplistic and misleading. It will be a no-profit-no-loss conundrum in Indian scenario.



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