Let me come straight to the point. Donald Trump is an anti-outsourcing activist. This could jeopardise the fate BPOs in India. A hard core businessman, a top realtor, figuring in world's super-rich category, he has invested  in building two  business centres , one each in Mumbai and Pune. He could infuse foreign capital for infrastructure development and create jobs in India.

In international relations, India would not be wrong in pinning hopes on Donald.

There is a distinct possibility of emergence of a new regional Axis consisting of the US, Russia and India to counter China’s influence in the region. India should facilitate formation of such alliance by building bridge between Russia and the US. Going by the utterances in his campaign speeches, Trump would surely like to revisit its Pakistan policy as part of his commitment to fight terror.



In an attempt to curb black money, GOI has decided to demonetize currency notes of Rs 500, 1000 denominations. These will be invalid.from mid-night onwards.

People can deposit notes of #Rs1000 and #Rs500 in their banks from November 10 till December 30, 2016,

Pakistan Terror funding and circulation of counterfeit currency notes will be largely stopped. China's funding to maoists will stop. Loads of black money held by builders,contractors, money-launderers, hawala dealers,whole-sellers,retailers etc will be on the run, for exchanging invalid notes.Black money, stacked in lockers , secret strong rooms will be invalid.Black money acquired through property transactions.will become invalid.

Use of PLASTIC MONEY must be encouraged.

The political parties including Congress,, BSP, SP, Commies, TDP, etc have been caught unawares like all of us.



November 1608

NDTV’S nationalism

GOI decision on one day ban on NDTV " for its anti-National reporting ,is being reviewed, it is learnt.

The political Executive was surely misled by the I&B bureaucracy to keep it in good humour.

Can the NDTV be held solely responsible for the security breach ? .

Following questions need answers from I&B ministry :--

(a) How was NDTV crew allowed access into the prohibited military area including the armouries for filming?

(b) Why were crew members not briefed about the locational sensitivity?

(c) Why were precautionary guidelines not drawn-up by I&B mandarins in consultation with the Armed Forces for Media reporting in the aftermath of 26/11 attack in Mumbai ?

(d) Heads must roll in I&B ,if, culpability of its officials, is established.

(e) NDTV cannot go unpunished for not applying its common sense.


In a case of foreign deputation , DOP&T issued a corrigendum No- 35/02/ 2016- EO( SM1 ) dt Oct 28 , 2016 clarifying that : “Shri Kshatrapati Shivaji” mentioned in earlier OM dt Oct 4,2016 , be read as “Dr Kshatrapati Shivaji.The officer (Maha 1986) insisted that a corrigendum be issued, in the hope that his performance and dignity would probably go up after adding the honorific “ Doctor “. Getting posted as ED, ADB, Manila, is not easy particularly as the posting should have legitimately gone to a Foreign Service officer .But, the IFS officers don't serve in States’ districts and thus unable to cultivate politicians. Serving in districts is,therefore , considered more important than serving in foreign countries. This explains why the IFS,is no longer considered a sought-after Service.


The present Director, CBI retires in Nov , 2016 . Search for new incumbent , is underway. Recall the unsavoury experiences with two former Directors of the premier investigative agency. Both ran into rough weather due to their alleged proximity to a controversial meat exporter. Both IPS officers ( 1974 batch )were appointees of UPA , based on “pick-and-choose , arbitrary and discretionary approach”. Richly rewarded despite their clouded credentials. One was even re-employed as Member UPSC to select civil servants?

A national “ Kalank ”.

If we don’ t learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it? Due diligence is thus the hallmark of fair selection. The ruling political dispensation should keep this in view while making sensitive appointments.A 360 degree background check is necessary to avoid recurrence of faulty appointments.

Directors, CBI have usually been from the IPS. Attempts made in the past by the IAS Association to grab the post, did not succeed. Somehow, the surgical strike by the IAS association was forestalled by the powerful IPS lobby. Power struggle ensued. As a consequence, CVC, more often than not, headed by an IAS officer, was brought in to exercise superintendence and control over CBI.

Keeping in view the totality of circumstances, change in selection methodology is called for to identify the best person for the job. Consultative mechanism should be the preferred option.

An important source to know the credentials of officers is their Service fraternity. Getting secret feedbacks about eligible candidates, from serving States’ DGs(Police) is suggested. Feedbacks from the peer group, is useful. Total reliance on APARs is not considered appropriate.

The Cabinet Sectt should act as nodal agency to process all formalities. Based on inputs received , the Cabinet Secy may compile a list of all eligible candidates and place it ( with feedback details ) for consideration of the prescribed committee headed by the Prime Minister , LOP (LS) ( or leader of the largest opposition party) and CJI ( or any other SC Judge recommended by CJI) as Members. The PM’s committee should interview all shortlisted candidates and identify the most suitable person based on professional/ personal integrity, experiences in CBI , investigative skills etc.

Insiders of CBI may have natural edge over outsiders by virtue of professional skill .But, wild card entry from the Indian Administrative Service, should never be permitted.



As a pessimist, I visualise the worst scenario.

Repatriation of diplomats on tit-for-tat basis by both countries,has begun. This could soon lead to closure of High commissions in both countries.

Support from both the US and Russia, is crucial.

Against this background, I wish that wisdom dawns on the two duffers Rahul, Kejriwal and the Commies to rise above petty politics and refrain from doing anything that demoralises India's Armed Forces.



I have decided not to go to theatres to see movies as I do not wish to be hauled up for contempt of Supreme Court and slapped with charge of Sedition.

Moreover, I am not in the business of competitive Nationalism.

I feel, I am a great nationalist and a greater patriot.

But, I do not wish to carry the tag of Nationalism up my sleeve.

Let no one force me to become more nationalistic than what I am,now..

I am not aware of the practices.in other liberal democracies of the world.



November 1604

India’s Security

National security is one of the most  important aspects of Governance.

China has massive vested interests in Kashmir due to its geo-strategic location. A part of Gilgit has already been grabbed by China from Pakistan.It now eyes the entire region.

China is providing financial support to Hurriyat separatists and rabid mullahs besides recruiting fresh blood for infiltration into India.

Pakistan is trying to push in Salafi-Wahabbi terrorists into Kashmir to replace its Sufi culture.

If, Baghdadi gets eliminated, all his jihadis would gravitate to indian sub-continent and play havoc in India.

The present proxy war restricted to Kashmir,is only a trailor.

India will have to fight two adversaries-- Pakistan and China.


DOP&T’s  decision (TOI, Oct 20 ) revoking suspension of  a Joint Secy ( IAS, AP- 93 ) in MHA , placing him under “compulsory wait”, is discriminatory, unjust, unfair and legally untenable. Two Deputy Secretaries and one Section officer are still under suspension. Their fault : Juniors belonging to “ inferior services “.  The favouritism shown to top officer of elite Service, weakens the Prosecution’s case in the court.  All officers should be treated at par for offences impinging on national security under doctrine of “collective responsibility “

Interceding in favour of the accused under pressure from 15 Joint Secretaries of MHA, is bad in law. The group used hyperboles like “suspension was demoralizing" and “harsh on the honest IAS officer" besides standing surity for officer’s "integrity and hard work”. Was this justified when investigations were and are reportedly still underway.

Who authorized the group of 15 joint secretaries to issue a clean chit to the accused? Gross interference in administration of justice? A clear misconduct. No wonder, if, Joint Secretary’s name is deleted from list of the accused. Is the group of 15 not liable for prosecution under IPC and the Conduct Rules for influencing the inquiry? Can one expect just and fair investigation? Due diligence was not carried out by the FCRA division headed by the re-instated Joint Secy before renewing licence of the  NGO ( IRF-Islamic Research Foundation )  headed by someone masquerading as a preacher. No transparency, no accountability. The Government will have a lot to explain to Parliament in the coming winter session.


Can the Sahitya Akademi awardees be called intellectuals, conscience keepers or opinion makers? They have forfeited their rights to be categorized as such..By returning the awards, they have disgraced their own works that earned them coveted recognition. Awards helped them earn hefty royalties from publishing houses. And, catapult them to sudden name and fame and turn them into insensitive, self-seeking millionaires.

Have the writers made any contribution to society?

Did they ever propose any solutions to solve societal problems?

If, not, let them join the club of pseudo intellectuals.

They merely allowed themselves to be manipulated politically with ulterior motives.-- Just to embarass PMcrats and overcome  threats of  “ frustration, low productivity, absenteeism,   sedentary jobs, increasing workload, image  makeover of  offices by  creating a positive  and energetic work force , help in effective discharge of official duties etc.” 

DOP&T’s pearls of wisdom or plebian arguments. Insiders reveal on condition of anonymity that suggestion for gyms came from a few top bureaucrats to burn their calories. Juniors do it, anyway, travelling by public transports. Why can’t seniors emulate their subordinates and eliminate VVIP racism? Have they forgotten Modi mantra: Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Sweeping would surely keep them healthier and happier.  Consider logistics. Shortage of office space in Delhi and outside is well known. Scouting for additional office space in the open market would be prohitively  costly. Private gyms have sprouted at every nook and corner. Why not avail of  these facilities instead of creating duplicate infra-structure. The cascading effect  on the States has not been visualised? Expenditure running into thousands of crores of rupees. This could be utilized on projects/schemes to help the less fortunately circumstanced. People are getting increasingly disillusioned. GOI must get its priorities right. Sooner,the better.


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