Sushma Swaraj warned Pakistan : "Sabak ke liye tayyar raho " Teaching lessons to Pakistan? What are the available options?

Approaching Pak’s Supreme court with an appeal, diplomatic pressure, Entebbe style, Surgical strike or God forbid, the nuclear strike? 

Kulbhushan Jhadav’s trial was a charade without providing Consular access to him. More serious is Pak’s failure in providing him legal assistance through a defence counsel.

India must do whatever is considered militarily appropriate from security angle. But, take swift action-- In hours, days, but, not week.

Country is outraged at the gravest provocations. 

Approaching ICJ , UNO or showing a cry-baby face to the US, USSR and the world-at-large, will hit country’s dignity in the comity of nations.

Following pro- active steps need be taken :

(i) Revive active support to Baluchistan’s freedom movement. PM Modi has not taken follow-up action after the historic announcements

(ii) India’s candyfloss diplomacy is tertiary in the given circumstances. Dialogue with Pak’s elected govt. would be meaningless. Pak’s civilian govt. is irrelevant.

(iii)  Let the indian army talk to their Pakistani counterparts in the language, they would understand.It is time for retaliation.

(iv) Arrest all hurriyat leaders, the Abdullahs, Junaid Mattu, Mustafa Kamal of National Conference and their supporters. And, of course, the stone –pelters. No kid-glove treatment for them.

(v) Shame to Indian pro-Pak liberals, sympathizers, peaceniks, who chose to sip ‘ chai ’ on April 11, 2017, with Abdul Basit,Pak’s high commissioner, who has been consistently justifying death sentence to Jadhav. No room for Track-II diplomacy.

(vi) Belgium has alerted against more 26/11 type terror attacks in India.

(vii) India must declare Pakistan a terror state, before appealing to other countries  do the same.

(viii)  Issue travel advisory to Indians for taking necessary precautions during business trips to countries neighbouring Pakistan.Getting close to international borders could invite abductions by Pak army.


China's growing proximity to the US,its war-like posturing betraying brinkmanship, threats of military intervention fuelled by Dalai Lama's visit to Tawang, AP, claimed as part of illegally occupied south Tibet.

Dangerous portents for India.

Can India trust the US and its NATO allies in case of war?

Recall America's 7th fleet in Bay of Bengal during 1971 war.

Bangladesh, Srilanka could possibly remain neutral.

Pakistan might open multiple fronts against India.

North Korea would play dirty Harry. 

Could India count on Russia like in the past?

Japan, Myanmar, the Philippines,Vietnam, Malaysia and Afghanistan could be on India's side. 

So, India will have to fend for itself.

Time to activate Baluchistan, Sindh ,POK, Baltistan and Gilgit, Tibet and China’s muslims


In a serious indictment, Shunglu committee has charged Kejriwal government with gross abuse of power. More and more skeletons are tumbling out of the cupboard by the day. Despite solid evidences, the accused is having a free run, calling it an act of political vendetta. Height of brazenness. Why can’t Delhi’s Lt. Governor recommend to the President sacking of ruling political dispensation to be replaced by LG’s rule assisted by chosen bureaucracy.

The following couplet fits aptly on Kejriwal and his corrupt associates.

“Nizaam-e-maikada aaj bigda hua hai doston ;

Unhe hi jaam milta hai, jinhe peena nahi aata...!!!”


April 1706

VIP Racism

Watched Ravindra Gaikwad's speech  on Lok Sabha channel during Zero hour proceedings.

Din and noise forced frequent adjournments.

Threatening gestures by Shiv Sena MPs  was  reprehensible.

Remorseless VIP seems to be on weak wickets. No apology, no regrets.

Let the Law take its course and establish the truth. The court alone can decide on quashing the FIR or book the accused.

Dadagiri on Civil servants may invite a backlash.

Let Delhi police continue its investigation on the basis of FIR. Why was MP not arrested by DP after registering FIR. This is baffling ?

Will the accused agree to undergo Narco-analysis test to facilitate investigation?


Delhi CM is irrepressible, impulsive and confrontationist. Throwing basic norms of human dignity to the wind, he had called PM Modi a psychopath, ex-LG as a sycophant, headmaster, principal, Hitler. During centenary celebrations of Delhi high court in Dec ,2016, the loose cannon accused the ruling dispensation of tapping phones of top judges when PM, former CJI, Law minister and top judges of high courts and Supreme court, were present. Instead of taking suo motu cognizance of allegations, ex-CJI thanked CM for land allotment. The identity of judge(s) who had alleged tapping of judges phones has not been revealed, till date. Defamation is not a Fundamental right. Forcing LG,Delhi to release Rs 3. 42 crores as fee for CM’s defence counsel in defamation case filed by Arun Jaithley, is not legally tenable. Another insult to human dignity. Taking law into his own hand, public thrashing of an AI officer by a snooty MP, is reprehensible, unpardonable. Taking pride in slapping AI staffer with slippers 25 times, the remorseless MP insisted on travelling by non-existent Business class at tax-payers’ cost. opposition’s brazen insistence on lifting the ban on air travels, is unjust ,unfair.

Law-makers turn law-breakers. No VIP tag, extra privileges for them. These worthies are not fit to become our role models? Time to stand up and take notice. Feeling discriminated against; the citizens of India need Judicial protection under Rule of law.



Draft RTI rules 2017 superseding 2012 Rules have been circulated by GOI to invite comments from civil society. Views of public-at-large in rural India have not been sought. Why restrict it to internet-friendly users? Why, no press notice for wider reach and invite views of all stake holders? An exercise in futility and Self- deception. A strategem to distract people' attention from its growing demand for bringing Political parties, Judiciary and political Executive within the purview of the proposed RTI Act 2017.

A highly regressive step, a ploy to discourage RTI applicants and make them vulnerable to Mafia, adversely impacted by RTI applications. Any RTI applicant could be forced by the mafia  either by pecuniary allurements or physical threats, to withdraw or amend the original application under the proposed amendment.

Attempt at total dilution of present rules to benefit big business houses, the bribe-givers, bribe-takers, blackmailers, black marketeers, mafias, builders etc.

RTI Act 2005 is toothless. Its new avtaar will be gumless.

Hypocrisy par excellence. The present political dispensation and its elite bureaucratic doormats are expected to be more honest in their endeavour for transparency.?

If, it is not possible to enhance the scope of present RTI Act 2005 and Rules 2012, why not give the Act, a quiet burial ?India, perhaps, does not deserve it.

Ethical Governance is irrelevant. Let corruption continue with vengeance.


I have only cuss words to offer to Delhi voters who reposed their faith in their one time icon called Kejriwal and were rewarded in return with the wrath of the majority. Municipal elections are due in Delhi. A mistake, if repeated, is a sin and a sign of moronery. There is a total chaos in the national capital.

Kejriwal, the fraudster, control freak, confrontationist, a failed bureaucrat, a waiting-to-be jailed politician. Charges of nepotism, corruption, money-laundering, molestation against AAP MLAs, fake degree. Illegal appointments in violation of Recruitment Rules, awarding building contracts illegally to friends and relatives, fake remunerations to fake, non-existent employees, awarding building contracts to friends and relatives.

Kejriwal’s latest misdemeanour --Snoopgate. Furtive investigations on his detractors with payment of remunerations to sting operators out of public exchequer. Objective- blackmailing.

Keeping journalists in good humour by appointing them in Board of Governors of DU colleges. All in the name of transparency and public interests.


Unnecessary noise has been raised in these columns about the perceived plight of a retired  IAS officer staying in an Old Age home. It does not evoke sympathy. Sheer media hype. How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours. It can happen with members of  any service.

Look at the other side of the coin that civil servants are blissfully unaware of. Consider blatant insensitivity of some “serving” civil servants, holding senior positions. Betraying total lack of empathy and gratitude for their old parents. My experience has been heartbreaking. I sometime visit Old age homes in Delhi to provide much-needed company to the aged inmates- some as old as 80 to 90 years. Sharing experiences with them has been exhilirating.

Who are these old parents abandoned by their families ?There are a good number of senior officers of different organized Services ( including Secretaries ), public sector executives (names withheld for obvious reasons) who have lodged their old, ailing parents in old age homes. A paradigm shift has taken place in the attachment relationships between old parents and adult children.



A spy cell, euphemistically called the “ feedback unit” is allegedly functioning under  CM Kejriwal to snoop on top officers of NCT,Delhi, MCD and his political detractors. Retired officers of IB, CBI ,IT etc have reportedly been deployed for carrying out jobs surreptitiously. There have been complaints against their interference in award of contracts to ineligible contractors, inspection of schools and colleges by these “intelligence officers”. Sting operations are common.

The spies owing direct allegiance to CM Delhi, receive remunerations from out of secret funds, created without valid sanction. The expenditure has been kept outside C&AG's purview. Public funds to the extent of Rs 50 lakh have reportedly been spent during past one year CM, Delhi out of his illegal discretionary funds.

Discontentment simmering in bureaucratic circles, may soon reach the flashpoint, as admitted by some NCT officers on condition of anonymity. MHA  is expected to order immediate probe into several  irregularities : (i) Creation of the so-called Feedback unit without cabinet approval; (ii) How appointments were made into the said unit in a hush-hush manner, without inviting  applications and in stark  violation of recruitment rules; (iii) Financial improprieties in deciding remunerations and privileges and incurrence of questionable expenditure and (iv) Misuse of public exchequer for political ends.

MHA, without waiting for findings, must order LG,Delhi to disband  the  so-called  Feedback unit and eliminate incurrence of questionable expenditure.


Kejriwal, the confidence trickster promised : " AAP will  waive house tax for Delhi residents from next fiscal if voted to power in MCD polls." On the contrary, MCD has separately appealed for payment of pending house tax for the last fiscal, latest by 31 st March.2017 so as to avoid penalty. The dichotomy has caused terrible uncertainty in Delhi. Present defaulters are in a bind whether to pay house tax by 31 st March 2017 as appealed by MCD or await waiver if AAP wins in the ensuing MCD elections. Some have decided not to pay house tax for 2017-18, till results are out.

LG Delhi controls both BJP-ruled MCD& AAP-ruled NCT, Delhi.  Clueless and a mute spectator.


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