The media reports of a Delhi Police inspector allegedly misbehaving and sexually harassing 24 women constables posted in the Provisioning and Logistics unit, are disturbing. Complaints filed by the aggrieved five months back followed by another two months back with ACPs, DCPs,failed to evoke any response, till the racket was exposed by the Media. Who is to blame? Delhi police for its masterly inactivity and callousness? Or, the sex maniac inspector? The matter stands referred to sexual harassment committee. Attempts could be made to influence the course of investigation. Safety of aggrieved police women is paramount.

Though, this seems to be an open and shut case, it would be appropriate to refer the matter to CBI. The accused could be dismissed  by the competent authority as part of departmental action  based on  positive recommendations by the committee .This should  be followed by filing an FIR, further  investigation  by  CBI to decode ramifications of  the racket ,filing chargeheet ,conviction and punishment by the court under IPC.

The public would be interested in knowing the invisible hand that blocked initial investigation against the accused after the first complaint was filed.



The IAS officers association’s appeal to GOI for amending PC Act (1988)and  CrPC  ( 1973) to help the serving and retired officers  in litigation matters  by hiring for for them eminent lawyers out of  tax-payers funds. The demand from an “ elite “ association is irrational , reprehensible and fraught with dangerous repercussions. Similar demands from  “ aam “ Services to protect officials at lower echelons, could not be resisted.

Former coal secretary H C Gupta refuses to take legal assistance in coalgate scam on the plea that he could not afford a ‘ good lawyer ‘.Way out is simple? Let him co-operate with CBI investigations and reveal the roles of all black sheeps under Congress-led  UPA dispensation, who might have manipulated him.

Coming close on the heels of coal scam, Association’s motive seems suspect. What,it means in actual ? If, a retired or serving delinquent officer is under prosecution by the CBI on charges of corruption,as per IAS association’s proposition ,  GOI or State govts should have the  responsiblity to arrange  an ‘ eminent lawyer’ to defend the accused in the hierarchy of courts (Trial courts to Supreme court )against the CBI and its advocates. This would not be pro bono.The private lawyer’s fee , running into lakhs and crores of rupees, will be charged to the Consolidated Fund of India. The proposition is ludicrous, financially inappropriate and legally untenable on grounds of discrimination besides causing huge public embarrassment to the governments at the Centre and States. Another financial scam in the making ?

It is not the governments’ responsibility to defend the accused for offences committed under the Prevention of Corruption Act. At the same time, it is not in the mandate of IAS Association to vouch for any members honesty and give a clean chit. This is precisely what is happening in the coalgate scam ,even while it is subjudice.The issue should better be left to the Judiciary to decide  in the light of evidences/ witnesses garnered by the CBI.The governments should, however, not object to  Services Associations creating their own Corpus Funds, through donations by its members, to meet such contingencies.

PM Modi may please take the call for holistic consideration.


Corruption is not the sole monopoly of the IAS. Members of all organized services are genetically similar.These come from the same stock. The “sanskari “  babus  become corrupt after  having taste of power and authority. Do not blame UPSC , a specialized body, for faulty recruitment. Associating Nobel laureates, Sociologist, Union Home Minister, Union Finance minister, union minister for External affairs and Union Cabinet secretary  with the selection process, is  far-fetched  and  unworkable.

Blame the decline in quality of civil servants on growing moral decay in indian society. Absence of transparency, accountability and failure to provide effective services delivery mechanism are blocking  Good  governance. Most importantly, the bureaucrats’ willingness  to go  overboard to please their  political masters. Their pliability to political class was most pronounced during the UPA era due to corrupt leadership.  What we need today is a strong political leadership to get us out of the moral slump that we are in. PM Modi is our man Friday.

Let us be upfront. Do not overlook the negative impact of reservation policy  and concomitant age-relaxations  on the quality of Civil Services . Factors like : providing unlimited chances   and  no age bar to appear  in UPSC exams to  aspirants belonging to certain categories, need to be re-visited. Grandparents cannot match their grandchildren aged 21 years, even in same community.


The unsavoury controversy will never be set at rest. Though, the Chairman 7th CPC observed : “ there is no justification of 2 years edge/ gap which is an archaic concept “.  the GOI remains a mute bystander incapable of resolving the issues. Instead of  wasting  time on bickerings ,It will be appreciated if, all organized Services jointly endeavour to work for Good governance. There is a crying need to  make the system responsive, transparent and make the service delivery mechanism effective. Instead of dancing to the tune of politicians, let the bureaucracy voice its joint opposition to all kinds of discretionary powers bestowed on the political class which is the bane of corruption in  Indian society.


Top-secret,Secrets and 

classified information pertaining to France- manufactured the first 

Scorpene submarine, running into 22,000 pages leaked,causing massive 

damage to India's strategic security.

Was this a case of leakage 

by the private company that fabricated the submarine. The information 

might have been leaked as part of cut-throat competition between rival 

submarine manufacturers.

A French employee who joined the rival. company.,could have sold the secrets.

It could also be joint hacking by China and Pakistan.

If,so, it has given them huge strategic edge over India in spying.

And, last but not the least, what about sabotage from within--Indian Navy ?

I am paranoid.

National security cannot be compromised.

The country wants to know the truth.

No under-playing it.


August 1622


A PhD student called Anmol Rattan raped another PhD student of JNU..

Blackmailing threat forces the girl to file an FIR.

This is one more example of JNU's so-called progressive culture ?

And,these morons want Azaadi from interference and chanting anti-national, pro-separatists slogans.

The anti-socials belong to AISA, the student wing of CPI.

Let them seek protection from Mulayam Singh Yadav of

" Bachhey hain, galti kar baithte hain " fame.

This is the time to change the name of JNU after an eminent educationist.

Let it be re-christened as Dr S Radhakrishan university ( SRU)


Terror attack at Uri.

Is India a soft State?

At least, some leaders make us feel so by their utterances.

President of India " Warns Pakistan on proxy attacks on India. ".

MOS (PMO ) says it is " Time for introspection "

Home Minister ne " Pak ki kadi Nindaa karni chahiye ".

Lalu Yadav,the joker-par-excellence blames" PM Modi for the attack ".

All for cheap publicity.

Some experts on TV debates advise " Strategic restraint ".

We have been hearing rhetorics of " inspiration " for over two decades after every proxy attack by Pakistan.

The idea of some TV channels repeatedly showing clippings of emergency meeting at Rajnath Singh's home-cum-office ,was inappropriate. Top secret meetings in the Pentagon are held behind closed doors.MHA could shared the info on need-to-know basis.

PM Modi's words are comforting . He promised that :" The perpetrators behind the dastardly act, will not go unpunished ".

Let us await the strategy being planned against Pakistan.


Inter-Services rivalry is getting increasingly accentuated, if, the posts regularly appearing in ( Forum) are any guide.

One is shocked at the manner in which the elite bureaucrats are managing to stay put in Delhi, holding important positions in succession, despite dubious credentials. Some get re-employed after superannuation -  as reward to their loyalty and for keeping the lips sealed.

The message to the bureaucracy and the public-at-large, is loud and clear.

(i)The bureaucracy is not worth its salt, if, it is not manipulative, pliable , subservient and   street-smart to manage  the political class at the helm ;

(ii) While honesty incapacitates bureaucracy, merit and truthfulness smile at it;

(iii) Mediocrity thrives in the face of VIP racism in politics. The arrogance of the Sports minister at Rio Olympics and a central minister permitting his body guard to thrash security guards, are the cases in point;

(iv) No concrete steps taken to enhance the feel-good factor of the common man; (v) The public-at-large had high expectations from the present dispensation in areas like transparency, Services delivery mechanism, accountability and punishment for non-compliance of prescribed norms;

( vi)The Police and civic authorities do not respond without bribery. Complaints are not attended to, let alone acknowledged. These organizations are mentioned for having the largest public interfaces. This is the scenario in Delhi. Elsewhere, it is worse.

(vii) The brutal practices of UPA era, are returning with vengeance. At least, so it seems.

Public is feeling cheated. Was this kind of Good governance, promised to us by the NDA?


I am disgusted watching private TV channels carrying usual quota of commercial advertisements, telecast endlessly and repeatedly collecting huge tariffs.

Some News channels have started mixing entertainment masala -- film/serial/comedy-based

There is no virgin "News channels ",as of date.

Self- styled spiritual babas hire hour-long slots to fool the gullible masses.

Astrologers carry fat cheques from TV channels after mumbo-jumbo forecasts, day after day, promoting superstition.

Amitabh Bachhan takes crores for announcing " Boring News "in an ad.

Ram Dev showing marketing gimmicks for his untested or partially tested products.

Patronage of some political power,is suspected.

No regulatory mechanism, in place, to keep a check on the covert operations involving builders-politicos-bureaucrats mafia.

Is there any airtime limit for ads ? If, so, is it being complied ?

The I&B ministry is clueless,toothless,even gumless.

Comprehensive audits of Media houses by reputed audit firms like E&Y, PWCI,is needed.



All are captives at the hands of service providers and media houses.


The face-off between the Judiciary and the Executive on delay in judicial appointments, is disturbing.

The Executive is miffed with the judiciary for scrapping creation of NJAC .It supports verdict of Constitution Bench for ensuring transparency and accountability in judicial appointments.

The CJI had sought a reply from Attorney General over the delay in appointment of judges as recommended by the Collegium.

The State governments have also much to explain for shortages in the States' judiciary.

While the litigants are feeling harassed,the public-at-large,is not enthused by the public spectacle.

Is the clash of egos obfuscating the main issue leading to a logjam ?

Should not the legal luminaries intervene instead of  remaining as mute bystanders ?


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