Contemplating switch over from Parliamentary to  Presidential form of government ,seven decades after independence could be part of the wishlist of the present ruling dispensation. But,it is the favourite timepass for the aimless and unproductive bureaucrats in the corridors of power.

No wonder that even former Prime minister Ms Indira Gandhi had secretly toyed with the idea of exercising all executive powers as President of India. All after getting brute majority in Parliament. After tasting power ( 15 years as CM Gujarat plus 5 years as country’s PM) PM Modi is also attracted to the pampering makeover as the combined  Head of Government  and the State like the US President .

Who does not want Authority without Accountability ?.But, the ground reality is in a state of flux. No permanence should be attached to the phenomenon of brute majority.The electorate is impatient. It wants rapid results  of its expectations than are possible from the new policies of Modi sarkar 2.0 in ‘ Naya Bharat’.

Failing this, the unpredictable electorate can always switch to a different party at the next general election in 2024. Worse,  there is a great danger of  Political gridlock  whenever the Presidential head  and the legislative majority are from different parties.

Indian citizens are very sharp and intelligent. Never underestimate them.

They are becoming increasingly aware of the growing tendency in PM Modi towards authoritarianism. All decisions on governance appear to be Modi-centric. Bureaucrats see  him as a “ Control freak ”,who loves centralisation of powers in the PMO but hates decentralisation and delegations of authority. Hates Accountability,too .

Decisions like lateral entry into bureaucracy, appointments of retired civil servants etc are merely symptoms, manifestations ,omens of  a deeper malaise.

Politicians think they know everything; but, actually they know nothing.

BJP may have a comfortable position in the Rajya Sabha in due course besides brute majority in Lok Sabha.

But, re-writing or amending the Constitution of India will not be so easy that can be done with eyes shut.


Moradabad DM Rakesh Kumar, as per media reports ,locked up journos in the district hospital to shield Chief minister against quizzing by the inquisitive media persons. The job  needs careful handling by the bureaucracy. Locking them up in the city hospital is crass insensitivity, stupidity.

The Fourth estate is under threat – both by the political and bureaucratic arms of the Executive. The short point for consideration is : Should DOPT & AR headed by the Prime minister himself, take measures to rationalise the recruitment process of UPSC ?

Consider a few suggestions. Assessing cognitive knowledge of civil services aspirants alone does not suffice. Special traits located through Personality Tests ( PT) conducted by the UPSC, must be given higher weightage. Securing a pre-fixed minimum marks in PT ,must be made mandatory.The practice was prevalent in earlier times.

Growing insolence of politicians is fueled by the pliability and spinelessness of bureaucrats.They are untrained in handling the uncouth political class,who are everready to frighten the timid bureaucrats by giving taste of their tongue lashing. Handling the Fourth Estate requires skillful handling by the bureaucrats,which they lack.

The opportunistic,ambitious and spineless bureaucrats can go to any limit to please their political masters. For accelerated promotions, good postings. Quid pro quo deals. Unethical. The brazen misconduct is disheartening.

This is the unanimous view of the veteran civil servants.

 Will hiring domain experts through lateral entry from the open market , help retrieving the pristine glory of Civil Services,one wonders ?


PM Modi failed to punish the corrupt in 1st term. Voted back in 2019, the public with higher expectations is keeping a close watch on Modi-2 sarkar. Unwilling to be fooled again in 2nd term.

PM Modi had left the punishment task totally incomplete. Rather, gave it the lowest priority.

India's most wanted: the Nehru- Gandhi dynasty, the Chidambaram, Karti, Mallya, Choksi, Vadra, Lalit,Nirav Modi, Tharoor, several UPA ministers etc are all having a free run.

People not only wanted to vote out the corrupt but also want them to be punished, at least now, without delay.

The reasons for granting frequent and long adjournments and bails by courts ,must be diplayed in public domain.

Why blame India's Kanoon ?  Blame,India's laidback Judiciary.

Culprits are receiving frequent bails, adjournments by Indian courts without substantive justifications. Subordinate courts are not accountable to higher courts.At least,so it seems.

The system is flawed. The Collegium system looks like a private club.

A total revamp of courts, including investigation into the assets of corrupt judges  has been long over due.

Concept of NJAC as the only transparent  alternative must be revived . Kanoon koh bhi badal daalo. An amended bill must be passed  afresh by the Parliament making it mandatory for the Apex court to enforce the Law.


The recent incidents of political misbehaviour with the bureaucrats at the Centre and the States, have been very disturbing.These have jolted the conscience of the common man.It is time for their punishment and withdrawal of undeserved privileges.

Politicians in India enjoy extra-ordinary privileges. All from public exchequer. Free furnished bungalows, Security, unlimited telephone calls, free power, car fuel, passes for Rail, Air trips and many more. And, above all,food at highly subsidised rates in Parliament and State legislatures (Rs 20/25 for Veg/ non-Veg thalis).

They have the authority to fix their Salaries, allowances and privileges. No debates, no walkouts.  Total unanimity among elected representatives,cutting across party lines. All adding up to lakhs of crores of rupees per annum out of  public exchequer. No austerity measures. The politicians take pride in behaving in the most uncivil, uncouth and arrogant manner.  Such  brazen display of  VVIP status and high comfort levels are abhorent to common man.

I am amazed by the hospitality guidelines issued by the then Chief Secretary ,UP for hosting MPs ,MLAs and local politicians by officers in their chambers. Micro details include asking for cold water and nimbu-paani in the first round followed by chai or coffee with two spoons of  sugar, biscuits,burfi etc in the second round. Receiving the VVIPs at the portico and escorting them to officers’ chambers and the reverse. Such heightened scale of hospitality to politicians who are ever ready to give taste of their tongue-lashing to bureaucracy,if the job is not done. All, at the behest of CM Yogi.

No VVIP status for politicians. Remove all VIP security covers barring  the usual exempted categories like the President, PM, SC Judges, HM, Raksha mantra, Finance minister, NSA.

Media had reported security cover for NSA’s son. What is the threat perception to the son who is a private person? No Z+ Security covers for Priyanka Gandhi , her family including Vadra  and Rahul Gandhi. One body guard for the rest.

Why should Tax payers hard-earned money be utilized for such senseless expenditure , one would like to know? Why separate bungalows and separate security covers for them.

Ethics committees of Parliament are urged to lay down clear guidelines for LS/RS members. Non-compliance  must attract appropriate penalties.There is a need to discipline MPs by the Parliament, not mollycoddle them.

Parliament must intervene. All MPs must be asked to stay at borders, share boardings and lodgings  with army jawans, para-military forces etc.This will  help them in inculcating  fine qualities of head and heart. A week-long stay, once every quarter in a year in difficult terrains including insurgency –infested areas , would suffice in imparting them lessons in austerity and tolerance .Let them come out of their comfort zones. Same drill  may be ordered by States’ Assemblies to cover their MLAs.



Govt of India has been consistently following  the  policy of Rotational transfer of its employees every 3 years. Reason : to disable them  from developing vested interests and stop  from indulging in  corrupt practices. The rule has stood the test of time. All State governments are following  same policy, which  was laid down after careful consideration by several bodies including the Administrative Reforms Commissions , CVC, Standing / Select committees etc. DOP&T’s  guidelines  apply across the board to  bureaucracy.  Personal sections of ministers, considered as sensitive postings, come within the purview of the aforesaid guidelines.

Now comes the surprise move by the ruling dispensation.The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC)  headed by the PM ,has reversed the policy. The ACC  has fixed a tenure of 10 yrs for the personal staff of central ministers. No wonder,the policy will start covering the entire bureaucracy.The  new rule of “ freezing” erstwhile  appointments  for further five years at a stretch ,is fraught with serious implications on the role of  Ethics in bureaucracy. It has hit the very basis of rotational transfer policy.

A little suspicion . Was the new  rule prompted by considerations of legitimising extended tenures of  personal staff of  erstwhile Ministers who were cherry-picked to continue in the new council of ministers. Members in personal staff  are expected to ensure implementation of  unethical orders of ministers- by hook or by crook. Changes in transfer policy guidelines of all Cadres  will  required. 

During the Nehruvian and Gandhian times, officers were continued ad infinitum in violation of rules. Position went berserk when the Congress supremo during UPA, remained as the de facto CEO for ten years.

Public expects PM Modi to be different.Even, Principal Secretary and Addl Pr Secy in the PMO are continuing with elevated status. But,their cases stand on a different footing.Not comparable to ministers’ personal  staff. However, no one should be considered indispensable in bureaucracy. PM Modi is expected to learn lessons from  UPA scams instead of repeating  the similar blunders.

If, lessons are not learnt from history, it is bound to repeat itself.


At long last,a beginning has been made in sacking bureaucrats on charges of corruption and non-performance.Section 56 (J) remained mostly non-functional,dormant for decades due to lack of political Will. All erstwhile ruling dispensations protected their pliable, corrupt bureaucrats especially during UPA misrule. All on quid pro quo basis.

Strangely, several UPA scamsters continue to prosper till date in Indian bureaucracy. Thanks to their powerful  political connections. This explains why despite best intentions even,PM Modi failed to invoke provision of FR 56 (J) during the first stint.

Removing the deadwood  is not a one-time but a continuous job. Cadre authorities of all organised services must be ordered to complete the exercise within three months in the current initiative and sack the delinquent officers.

Similar action is required to be taken by State governments especially against staff and officers posted in local bodies having large public interfaces.


At long last,a beginning has been made in sacking bureaucrats on charges of corruption and non-performance.Section 56 (J) remained mostly non-functional,dormant for decades due to lack of political Will. All erstwhile ruling dispensations protected their pliable, corrupt bureaucrats especially during UPA misrule. Motivated by quid pro quo deals.

Strangely, several UPA scamsters continue to prosper till date. Thanks to their powerful fraternity. For same reasons, even,PM Modi failed to invoke provision of FR 56 (J) in his first stint.

Removing the deadwood is not a one-time but a continuous job. Cadre authorities of all organised services must be ordered to complete the exercise within three months in the current initiative and sack the delinquent officers.

Similar action is required to be taken by State governments especially against staff and officers posted in local bodies having large public interfaces.

Let the BJP-administered States lead by examples.


Enough is enough. I refrain from according VIP status to PM Modi.Why? He is the most profligate consumer of privileges  in India which even an emperor would covet.

Since a month of  taking over, the new sarkar is still celebrating its glorious victory citing achievements. No time for addressing serious issues. Rhetorical slogans don’t solve the problems.

What about PM's extravaganza. Who is funding the expenditure running into hundreds of crores of rupees? Obviously, it is we, the income tax payers. No importance is given by our VIPs for observing austerity in avoidable expenditure.

The newly inducted ministers picked up arbitrarily on basis of their communities, castes, sub-castes,regional compulsions and other considerations, are morons. Always ready for photo Ops with PM by the ubiquitous TV channes  All for public consumption.

PM Modi  has always enjoyed his speeches being  telecast  on national and regional TV channels 24x7. It seems ,he also enjoys the company of sycophants who are always ready to act as doormats. Why should we encourage VIP racism in a society that is already hierarchy- conscious? Are normal citizens treated at par with politicians?

Visiting  the Maldives and then  Srilanka. No one could  spare time to visit Muzaffarpur due to pre-occupation with political negotiations. Also, scared to face the mob. Bureaucrats being elevated to Cabinet level. Unprecedented.Will this solve country’s problems?

Having confidence is good. But,over-confidence is self-destructive. It leads to arrogance that has started showing up with vengeance. Will a spendthrift economy give a push to GDP ,without fudging Statistics?



PM Modi's histrionic ability has a multiplier effect on his oratorical skill.This triggered Modi Tsunami during  election time.

Now, consider the obverse. BJP is a party  of  morons, doormats chatukaars. Devoid of  self-respecting individuals. A majority of newly inducted central ministers are specimens of Himalayan idiocy.Their selections are based on political weightages given to factors like communities, castes,sub-castes,regional representations etc. Merit is irrelevant.  “ Yes Prime minister”  types get encouraged. Ex-bureaucrats-turned-ministers are not popularly elected. Sab Bhagwaan bharosey chal raha hai, Aagey bhi chalega.

Some have started believing that a quiet transformation is taking place from Parliamentary to Presidential form of government. One hopes, the Public does not get swayed by another promise of rising expectations. If, BJP feels secure under new dispensation, So be it.

I do not subscribe to every domestic initiatives of PM Modi. He is being Ill-advised by his kitchen cabinet and bunch of ambitious bureaucrats. Growing arrogance of power,is worrisome and a matter of deep concern.Modi’s penchant for flamboyant attire irritates. Conferences reduced to fashion/ ramp shows. No respect for simplicity and austerity. As a well-wisher, I wish him all well. But, I do trust, he makes amends. But, let him guard against his detractors within the party.

Conducting  foreign affairs has been PM’s favourite. He has surely carved out a niche for himself in world politics. The frequency of foreign visits remain recklessly excessive. As a control freak, he does not seem to trust his ministers. No delegation of powers.

All things considered , with war clouds hovering over India, Modi  could hopefully prove to  be an effective war-time PM for thwarting foreign attacks and for playing peace-keeping role in international politics. Foreign intelligence agencies are active.

Tough times ahead. Wait and watch.


Actor Akshay Kumar's light-hearted chat show with PM left every one with a heavy heart. Standard of interview touched the nadir. Modi ji should not have settled for it. The show was telecast on all TV channels denigrating the high public office,he holds.

Ill-advised by the Media advisor and morons in the trusted coterie of bureaucracy, party’s publicity wing has gone overboard without assessing the long term implications. Voters are getting bored,frustrated by his public rhetorics. "The promise given was a necessity of the past: the word broken is a necessity of the present." (Machiavelli)

Playing the  religion card irritates. Relationship with God is personal, not for public consumption.This is causing alienation in a section of society.

Modi's chatukaars are his worst enemies,particularly a majority of his nincompoop ministers.Public is sensitive enough to notice his increasing arrogance. Watch PM's body language, mannerisms,postures and gestures and above all the choice of words.

My assessment could go wrong. Modi ji could get comfortable majority for other considerations. Following or dismissing my unsolicited advice is his prerogative.

But, I would  continue to stand against his detractors without being counted as a rabid fan.

I wish him good luck


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