Applicants for Vigilance Commissioner's post in the CVC are required to support their applications with a 300-word essay to prove their " hollowness or otherwise ".

Essays will be evaluated by the infamous dynasty of bureaucracy.

Innovative.  Out-of-box thinking of DOP&T manned by babus. .

Writers , Journalists in great demand as proxy writers.


India must pre-empt China's possible wild card entry into the Maldives in order to restore democracy there and bolster India's maritime security in the Indian ocean.

It would be foolhardy for India to wait for a formal Maldivian invite in view of China's string of pearls woven around India. Ethics is China's anathema. Reigning President of the Maldives is out and out pro-China. China is waiting to pounce.

The present Maldivian regime has proved itself as  illegitimate,undemocratic, hell bent on defying Supreme court directive by refusing to releas political leaders. It is ready to arrest top SC Judges and extend temporary emergency beyond 15 days.

Let us re-enact Operation Cactus to enhance India’s maritime primacy in Indian ocean by showing our capability to mount a successful operation at short notice

Let us not forget,there are some 22,000 indian diaspora in the small island nation.Hence,the need for swift  commando action before the crisis reaches a flashpoint.


India must start conducting mock exercises against possible conventional and nuclear attacks from Pakistan,China and even North -Korea.

Kashmir is a perennial theatre of war. Doklam remains a ticking bomb.

Not based on conjectures and surmises.

“ Kaheen bhi, Kabhi bhi, Kuch bhi hoe saktaa hai “

Is the government taking pro-active steps for such a contingency ?

Guidelines must be laid down detailing steps to be taken by the citizens in case of sudden attacks from ny quarter. The Civil defence wings in all indian States must be activated

There are different types of siren alarms forewarning against conventional and nuclear attacks respectively. The public is blissfully ignorant about the differences in their tones and durations..

Last two days experiences of administrators in the US and Japan of a fake nuclear attacks by North Korea, should serve as eye –opener to Ajit Doval, India’s National Security Advisor.

The idea is not to create panic but forewarn the public rather than let them be caught unawares.

Leaders of both the US and Japan were rattled by the fake nuclear alarms.

Another important suggestion.

Our political leaders must be compulsorily sent to the borders with China and Pakistan ( LOC, LAC, IB) for a week for having the first hand experience of the situation there.

This would enable the Congis ( one, Sandip Dikshit) and RJD ( one called Manoj Jha ) leaders to learn to shut up and put up. Should they not be house-arrested and booked under Law of the land?

These loose cannons have,of late, been targeting Army chief, General Bipin Rawat by shooting irresponsible ,motivated statements that demoralise the Armed forces.


The so-called " Destroy Supreme Court ” conspiracy choreographed by the Congis and the Commies in cohoot with the Lutyen's journalists, has turned out to be a damp squib.

All four dissenting SC judges resumed work, today. "Business as usual" informed the Attorney General. The judges will be hearing whatever had been assigned to them.The CJI kept smiling at a petitioner who raised the episode of four SC judges going public.

But, are things really normal beneath the surface?

Could the controversy be permitted to set at rest here.

What would happen if the Sessions judge of a subordinate court raises a revolt against a High court sitting judge or chief justice and calls a press conference to expose some case of purported miscarriage of justice?

What happens to the erosion of Constitutional values? Should the four judges not be show-caused immediately for violating the Code of conduct,if there is any damaging SC's credibility irrevocably in the eyes of the country ? Does the episode involve any contempt of court?

All judges of SC,headed by the CJI, are urged to introspect and evolve some in-house mechanism to resolve differences among themselves.

Are the four judges above the Law? Are they exempted from punishment that could serve as a deterrent against any misdemeanour in future?

The nation wants to know.


January 1813

Judicial Conundrum

The decision by four sitting SC judges to hold the Press Conference amounts to a No-confidence motion against the present CJI ? It has jolted the conscience of the Nation.The protesting judges left it to the" Nation "to preserve” independence of Supreme court “.

Who will take the call ? The Executive, the Parliament or the ubiquitous Media, the fourth pillar of democracy?As Presidential appointees, the dissenting judges did not think of sharing their simmering discontentment with the President of India before going public.

The consequences of the ill-advised move by four judges on the integrity and credibility of Supreme Court and their negative impact on various High courts and the Subordinate judiciary, must not be ignored.

Following options are available.

(a) Leave the Supreme court alone. Let the four SC judges and the CJI resolve their differences mutually through discussions among themselves;


(b) PM Modi as head of government cannot and should not remain a mute spectator. He along with the Attorney General of India ,may discreetly intervene to serve as a catalyst or facilitator to resolve the dispute in the top judiciary. This should be discreet, not be seen as interference in the internal functioning of the Supreme court by any political party. The CJI, in his wisdom, has already refused to meet  PM’s Principal Secretary, at former’s  residenceor

(c) Senior lawyers like Fali Nariman, Soli Sorabhji, Harish Salve and the Attorney General of India may be urged to intervene.


(d)Guidelines may be drawn by the CJI in consultation with top five or six judges for allocation of cases to different benches of SC. The CJI as the Numero uno, the first among Equals,is expected to carry the court with him. All efforts need to be made to diffuse the crisis at the earliest before the situation spins out of control.

The Congis and the Commies must keep their hands off. Let them not try to earn brownie points by politicizing the issues.

My gut feeling is that even after the matter is resolved “ amicably “, the damage done to Indian Judiciary is irretrievable. The damage done to the Supreme court’s credibility, impartiality will be irreparable. The top court will never be same again in the eyes of the Litigants and the Bar.


Dalit-Maratha conflict in Maharashtra triggered by Prakash Ambedkar, allegedly claimed by a section? Were the riots incited by the so-called resurgence of " Brahmanism " ,allege others ?

The celebration has been taking place peacefully ,year-after-year without  rancour from any quarter. How did it flare up suddenly this year? A deep - state conspiracy by the Congis and Commies , discomfited by their defeats in assembly polls. At least, so it seems.?

"Bahut chubhti hai teri chuppi ae, Congis aur Commies,

Kahin Ghul ghapara bhi ho jaye, par tujhe kuch fark nahi "

Whatever  may be the findings of  investigation , the politicos are laughing up their sleeves showing sham empathy with the dalits


Explosive revelation by Subramanian Swamy while addressing a gathering of CAs in Ahmedabad on 23rd Dec, 2017 as reported by Indian Express dt 24th Dec, 2017.

Dr Swamy has alleged fudging of Statistics by the  Central Statistics Organisation (CSO) under union Min. of Statistics &Programme Implementation ( MOSPI ) in computing quaterly GDP.

Incidentally, the CSO was founded by Dr Swamy’s  father late Sitaram Subramanian , a well known mathematician and was a one time Director of the Central Statistical Institute, supposedly a rival to P C Mahalanobis who was the founder of ISI, Kolkatta.

Dr Subramanian Swamyreceived the BSc ( Hons) degree in Mathematics from Hindu College of DU and Masters in Statistics from the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkatta.He Holds a PhD in Economics from Harvard University .

In view of above , reinforced by CSO officials’ confession of  “ pressures” from above ( Read as Finance ministry ) , Swamy’s innuendos against the CSO’s allegedly unethical practices can’t be taken lightly.A damage control exercise in MOSPI, necessitated by electoral compulsions, is underway.

Prof T C A Anant present Secretary(MOSPI)-cum-Chief Statistician of India will have much to explain to the Parliamentary Standing Committee.Was he not kept in the loop by his DG and ADG in CSO? The present CSI was initially  appointed  in June 2010 for five years. He got three years extension till June 2015 followed by yet another extension that expires in January 2018. Total 8 years He is now seeking extension of his tenure as CSI beyond 8th year beyond Jan 2018.

Heads will roll both in MOSPI and Min of Finance. Chaos, noise , anarchy in Parliament.

In order to be fair , I can only say that the practice of unwarranted interference by MOF in MOSPI’s GDP calculation, sorry, manipulation, has been going on covertly for several decades with full knowledge of Secretaries,Ministers and in collusion with senior officers of both ministries. The tool of GDP was misused with impunity during the Congress-led UPA era. The existing dispensation followed the unscrupulous tradition laid down by its illustrious predecessor under,possibly, electoral compulsions.

PM Modi was expected to expose the vicious UPA practice , instead of giving a free hand to MOSPI  and Finance Ministry in pursuing the same.

All things considered, India must thank Dr Subramanian Swamy for uncovering the malpractices.


Shocking judgement by special CBI court on 2G spectrum allocation scam.

Judicial pronouncement or political narrative,one wonders ?

Bungling by CBI. Its evidences could not stand the judicial scrutiny.

Roles of  high networth industrial houses of India , is in question.

Indictment of former C&AG Vinod Rai  raises more question than solve.

Sudden transfers of   SP and DIG ,CBI charged with investigation of 2G scam at crucial moment ,was baffling.

“It was not A Raja, but Pulok Chatterjee, in consultation with TKA Nair, as he had suppressed the most relevant and controversial part of the letter of A Raja from the then Prime Minister,” said CBI special judge Saini.

Suggestions  were made to the ruling dispensation to get T K A Nair, former Principal Secy and, more importantly, Pulok Chatterji, former JS, later elevated as Secretary to the then PM Manmohan Singh, interrogated by the CBI. Their earlier confessional statements to CBI had the stamp of approval of the then de facto PM.

Move to grill former PM’s aides was reportedly blocked by the all-powerful IAS fraternity. Why? And,at whose behest?And, to protect whom ?

It will be simplistic to suggest that PM MMS was not kept in the loop by his aides.Files on policy matters and appointments  were  regularly shown to the Chairperson, NAC.

Pulok Chatterji wielded enormous power by virtue of his loyalty and proximity to the Cong supremo.  A general factotum to the supremo, he kept  shuttling between the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation and the PMO depending on which party was in power.This was an open secret  much before Sanjay Baru’s memoirs “The Accidental Prime Minister,hit the stands.

In fact, Maun Maun Singh was so much enamoured of PM's chair that he chose to remain silent before formalising all oral orders of the Congress supremo,as conveyed by former PM's aides.

UPA’s caged parrot CBI remained soft to PMO officials ? It is understood that PMO officials' statements were legally and officially vetted to remain in sync with Manmohan Singh's stand. All to protect the supremo.

In order to get at the bottom of of the truth, extra-ordinary steps  are required against all accused. Skeletons  in the cupboard will start tumbling out.

For how long could the real perpetrators be allowed to have a free run.

Any secret deal, one wonders?

The ruling  political dispensation  has much to explain.


Emboldened by the twin electoral victories in Gujarat and HP, PM Modi must now focus on big-ticket corruption by high- networth business houses and individuals rather than run after small rogues.

All are having a free run within India and abroad.

PM Modi won the last general elections on the plank of UPA  corruption scams.He had promised to bring the guilty to book.

Some infamous scams are : Bofors, Sathyam (2009),CWG (2010), Coalgate (2012), 2G spectrum (2008) Navy war room leaks, Sathyam scam (2012), Choppers scam (2012 ), Tatra truck (2012), Adarsh scam (2012),Delhi Jal Board tanker scam - ( Rs 400 crores) wherein the Anti-Corruption Bureau has filed an FIR against former Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit and current Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, Saradha group financial scandal and last but not the least Robert Vadra scam . The list is endless.

These scams are crying for prosecution and convictions of perpetrators.

Precious time has been wasted by the current political dispensation, resulting in public disenchantment, disillusionment with the leadership

Is removing corruption separable from Good governance ?


The quality of indian politics has ,of late, gone down abysmally low.Sample some dastardly utterances by arrogant politicos.

Sonia labels Modi : Maut ka saudagar .  Priyanka Gandhi blames him for : Khoon ki dalaali .

Rahul calls him : “ Gangoo teli,gandi naali ka keera “. All in the family.

A small-time politician and a Ra Ga's stooge Sandeep Dikshit labels Army Chief General Rawat : " Sarak kaa goonda "

Mani Shankar Aiyar broke all records by blabbering :" Yeh Modi bahut neech kism kaa aadmi hai. Koi sabhyataa nahi hai". The haughty Aiyar , on Dec 7 , 2017,called PM Modi : "Chaiwala in 2014, Neech aadmi in 2017 He takes pride in claiming : " Rahul Gandhi as a Janeu-dhari Brahmin ". The same  knucklehead  had sought Pakistan's help in removing Modi sarkar.

Such elite loose cannons of the dynastic Congress are downright vulgar, uncouth, uncivil and casteist. All at the behest of the dirty-tricks department of the Congress (Rahul ).

PM Modi is OBC. He is dubbed by Aiyar as " Neech " .

Do the congis regard SCs and STs as " Maha- Neech"

A hideously degenerate mindset.

The ,superannuated congis remain moot spectators, vying for photo-ops with the dynasty. Spineless parasytes, paid charlatans . Pliant, malleable nincompoops.

Aiyar's suspension is no solution. Public demands his immediate expulsion from the party. Even, prosecution under  the law of the land for making derogatory references against a particular section of society.

Let us wait for peoples' verdicts in HP and Gujarat polls.

Who knows, the Congress (Rahul) may emerge as a hypertensive, cardiacally - paralysed party, lodged in ICU, heading towards ventilator.


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